DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersWhat are the mysterious 2.8-billion-year-old Klerksdorp spheres? What is or was their purpose? Who made them and why? Do they still function today?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

These are artifacts of extraterrestrial manufacture. They were used in a primitive time as a token of authority and a representation of the interlopers, themselves, as rulers of the Earth and the people of that era. They were used as emissaries, in a sense, in conveying power and authority, and were highly esteemed and believed to have an inherent value in and of themselves, much as would be the possession of the crown of a royal figure as the symbol—the iconic embodiment of power and authority of the ruler himself, or herself. There is a deep story here for which we cannot provide all the details, but this is the origin and the purpose for which these were originally created. They were at once a visible representation of extraterrestrial advanced knowledge and capabilities, as well as a kind of ambassador of fear, a reminder that one is in over their head if they wish to resist or subvert the aims of the would-be divine rulers of that era, who were physical extraterrestrials of advanced technological capability, but devoid of spiritual awareness, and in that respect, were vastly inferior to the human being—and that continues to be the case today.

The object lesson in this is that any trinkets offered by the Extraterrestrial Alliance will be meant to create a sense of awe, and a sense of wonderment and encouragement to engage further to see what other benefits and gains might be bestowed by these incredible beings who will one day come forward and offer their services to humanity with many promises of benefits to survival of humanity in particular, having laid the groundwork for growing fear for human survival. This you see ramping up all around you with governmental disarray, gridlock, infighting, many political vendettas bleeding the culture dry, and things are not being addressed that are in dire straits. There is no true leadership to make things better. The leaders are worsening the world. Even those pretending to help are being subverted, held back, and manipulated to perform many initiatives that will end badly, that will create more harm than benefit.

This has been the case all through human history, but the distinctions become blurred between the leaders and the followers because all have a hand in what takes place, and there is guilt on the part of all, ultimately, and when the course of history is recorded, there are often arbitrary descriptions interwoven in a narrative to misdirect from the truth and to obscure the common thread running through all of human endeavors. This is a testament to corruption in all that is happening, and it will not be solved quickly or easily. There are many lies being told and being lived by, unwittingly. This is not what the divine wishes to see, nor is it what most humans wish to see, but one must be aware the problem exists and that there is a possibility of something better. Most people aim too low, thinking only if their political party would return to power, all would be well.

This is an illusion, because all political parties are managed. They take turns being in the front, in the spotlight, in control seemingly, but none are truly in control. They can only do what the interlopers allow to be done, that is the deeper story here. Things can only progress when people want true growth and advancement and request divine assistance to help make it so. You cannot do this on your own. These objects are a reminder that you are not alone here in your world. You have an outside influence superior to you, in some respects, but worsening things and leading you astray. The end result could be your destruction. That is a high price to pay for ignorance and complacency. If people throughout history could maintain an awareness of the darkness in their midst and see the outlines and see how it is orchestrated to influence things, they could take steps to guard against this and enlist divine help directly to moderate those dark influences, and eventually wrest control from the interlopers in a way that allows all to survive and for all to be healed and to recover from this long saga of predation in your world.