DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsIs language used against us as a magic spell because words do not only have an everyday meaning but also other meanings that influence us on a subliminal level?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is very much the case and is, in a sense, a key to understanding many truths about life and about the ability the interlopers have to manipulate human thoughts and beliefs. Humans are designed to live intuitively with language as a much more secondary attribute, and this is true of gesture, body language, and other ways of conveying information. The reason being that intuition, unhindered, is much more powerful. The ability of consciousness to engage with a target, understand what is happening INSTANTLY, goes far beyond any kind of description that could be rendered through speech or written language. The cultivation of language was, in fact, a lower order of communication encouraged and taught as a compensation for human beings who were rendered defective in their intuitive reach, and so required some practical tool to relay orders, describe requirements and expectations, and then communicate feedback about performance to underlings—to slaves largely, and that is the true context for the origin of speech. It was done when it became a necessity to be the primary mode of communication.

The way language was constructed was very directly a dimming of greater awareness and a kind of constraint, itself, by limiting the potential of what can be described and the way it can be described and the segregation of things into seemingly precise terms which, nonetheless, limited meaning and limited the perspectives that could be brought to bear through those descriptions. It is like black and white thinking when one has only those two choices to make interpretations and decisions on a matter requiring action when, in fact, there are many shades of gray, and in fact, infinite array of color frequencies that each can represent a nuance of thought, understanding and interpretation. Life is much more complicated than it seems on the surface. When one is constrained in all one does, to have to do it in a linear fashion through language, there are many impediments inherent with the approach. The first and most obvious of which is that it takes longer to convey something than will happen through intuitive sensing and awareness, but the limitations go on from there: the limitation of language itself, its ability to be sufficiently nuanced and artfully expressed and the fuller meaning of things, and the deeper intricacy not available to human knowledge, as yet, can be perceived at least in the outlines intuitively, but never by language, because the words do not exist.

So, something seen for the first time and appreciated through the senses to have a certain kind of energy involved with it will be inexplicable because inevitably one turns to thought, thought created through language, and leaves behind the deeper awareness as much of an importance, when in fact it might be all important, and in an ideal world would be the mode of choice to experience the world. So, this is but an overview of the implications here. The choices of words, the way they are even spelled, their similarity to others, and the symbolic meaning that can be given to words and their usage are carefully orchestrated to encompass many deeper awarenesses that are a kind of disinformation because they reinforce the isolation and the limitation represented within language itself and give a false reassurance that people truly understand things, when they do not.