DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)What are the reasons for my client’s husband needing divine help? Is he in the Mercenary Army Program? Are the problems behind his abusive nature being exacerbated by spirit meddlers only, or is he a targeted individual, or the wife?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
She is not being targeted, but he is in a targeted class, being a member of the Mercenary Army Program of long-standing. And although not consciously aware of this, it governs much of his behavior at times because he is marching to a different drummer. He is following many inner guidelines and much programming that is done to keep him somewhat separate from others and this causes him to be out of balance always. And it takes an emotional toll with the complications of prior karma from other lifetimes in serving the darkness in this way. He is programmed to not suffer challenges or attacks from outsiders, but will react to maintain a dominant position. That can become dangerous if confronted by a spouse or even an unruly child simply wanting fairness but overstepping the line in confronting the father, and that will put in motion inner programming to demand obedience or else. This complex dynamic that makes members of the MAP at times prickly, and unpredictable, becomes a liability for the most part when an individual is corrupted further by dark spirit attachment, as well as the workings of karma to reinforce patterns of becoming a perpetrator with fellow human beings, not as part of the MAP agenda, but simply their own personal leanings as a consequence of inner corruption getting the better of them at times. This will cause various transgressions, done at their own initiative, because their inner motivations will, themselves, be corrupt and self-serving, at least in the sense of prioritizing obedience to themselves over outsiders or any member of their family, for example. This can make them seem heartless and to make choices that might even appear to be cruel, in ignoring the needs of family and friends, but is a consequence of being in league with the darkness. Even unwittingly, and below conscious awareness, it is a major complication and liability, making such individuals a hazard to those around them. The substance abuse always creates trouble for such individuals because the dark spirits know how to push the buttons, not only of prior karmas but inner programming instilled by the interlopers to incur a backlash or to cause trouble for their host, and making trouble for people around them unnecessarily, including loved ones, because when the emotions can be ramped up sufficiently, anger becomes a compulsion to act on, and then all bets are off about what might come next. This will leave damage in its wake over time and that has been the legacy here.