DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersWhat are the soul-based lessons that light beings incarnated as whales focus on primarily?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

These are somewhat similar to the lessons of human beings. After all, like you, they are beings in the physical environment subject to the ups and downs of energy, environmental pressures, encounters with predator species that may harm them to varying degrees or even kill them outright, as well as the interactions they have with members of their own kind engaging in friendships and love relationships that lead to the procreation of young whales, albeit in a less complex society, but it does have its dynamics and its rules for good whale conduct, and so forth. Each new incarnation, as for human beings, is an opportunity to work on healing what has happened in the past in order to make all of the future that much better, so there will be negative influences arising from the akashic records as a repository of information about all the whale has done, both in the past and in future extensions, so there will be influences on the being from these repositories of consciousness as is true for human as well. But their information and their experience base is housed separately from human beings, although there is crosstalk based on encounters and interactions that whales might have with humans and vice versa.