DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerWhat can we tell people about the importance of prayer in their lives?
Nicola Staff asked 5 years ago
Prayer is your link to your origin and the divine heritage you truly represent as a soul extension of Creator’s consciousness. You are in a diminished form while you are here as physical human. If you want something more, if you need something to happen beyond your capability as physical human, you can reach out to the Divine for assistance and support. This is your birthright and is in keeping with your heritage. It is a choice for you to make. If you choose to take advantage of this process, you will multiply your individual strength many-fold. If you never reach out to the Divine, you will be largely on your own and your reach will be greatly diminished. You may still get along and things may seem just fine in human terms, but when there is a serious challenge, a threat of some kind, or a setback that seems impossible to change, there are still options available to you if you see them and believe in them. Many make the mistake of ignoring the Divine until those moments of tremendous need. This is the worst possible preparation for any kind of undertaking. If you knew one day you might slip and fall over the edge of a railing at the top of a high building and find yourself hanging onto the edge, if you had never exercised and kept your muscles in shape, you would likely not be able to hold on for long or pull yourself up, and you would certainly perish. Having a routine regimen of exercise to keep yourself in trim, minimize excess weight gain, and keep the muscles toned, and vigorous, you would be much better prepared for any kind of accident requiring physical action of this kind. It is no different when it comes to needing divine help. If you wait until a moment of crisis but have never prepared, never exercised those prayer muscles, cultivated your inner beliefs, both in the Divine and in your worthiness to receive divine attention and assistance, you will be ill prepared to make powerful prayer requests that are likely to be answered. It is much easier to have the necessary belief quotient in the Divine and in oneself if you practice an outreach on a regular basis, so it feels routine and comfortable. This can be your salvation in a moment of crisis because you will be able to reach out quickly and clearly with enough certainty in the intention to get meaningful help. What is unseen and unappreciated is the Divine can assist you in all ways, not just in moments of personal peril from an outside threat or a time of crisis because of severe illness or injury. Virtually every day there are things that must be accomplished, goals to be formulated, and then put into action so they can be met. Decisions about all kinds of things, new plans, and seeing to the immediate needs as well as some longer-term needs to keep things going and act in a timely way to do the incremental steps leading to the successful outcome desired—all ongoing work of this kind can be facilitated meaningfully by divine partnership where you ask for guidance and support, healing and protection, so inner roadblocks can be surmounted. Alternatives you may not have thought of, will occur to you through inspiration courtesy of the Divine, where you will have reminders about obligations undertaken, and might be in arrears, but for an inner impulse causing the memory to float up as a reminder when there is still time to act. The interaction with others in many settings may go smoother and be more fruitful if you are requesting divine support because there are many things that can happen to lubricate the gears, so to speak, so the people around you may be more open to hearing what you have to say and cooperating with your agenda. Your strength, your efficiency, your effectiveness overall can be improved in many small ways that add up—each aspect coming from a divine source to inspire, uplift, add energy for your use and keep things humming along. This is all available for the asking but one must ask. If you choose to do everything on your own, you will not necessarily fail, but life will be more difficult than it needs to be, and you will be the loser.