DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsWhat caused my client [name withheld] to have the experience at 12 playing with her brother by a waterwheel when she woke up on the stones along the creek with a stick in her vagina?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This was something that happened at the tail end of an adoption by extraterrestrials when she was collected and was in a group of children. When she was returned, it was with another boy who was left there by mistake, and the prior experience of witnessing manipulation of the children sexually aroused the boy and aroused his curiosity as well, and he recovered his senses before she did and engaged in this behavior as a kind of mimicry of what took place he witnessed with his own eyes a short time before. It was an interplay of his subconscious and the influence of spirit attachments on board him and they were seeking to ramp up those energies and encourage improper conduct.

So this was a kind of consequence of being traumatized and then acting out the trauma with help from the inner corrupting negative spirits who were along for the ride. They always seek to undermine the host and send impulsive thoughts to do things that would otherwise seem inappropriate or harmful, but in the moment are made to drop their guard and be reckless and adventurous and may do things that backfire and get them into trouble. As it happened, the extraterrestrials realized their mistake and quickly returned and retrieved him, so when she regained consciousness there was no awareness or recollection of anyone else being present. And so the state she found herself in was truly inexplicable.