DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmWhat does the story of the great flood experienced by Noah teach us about today’s world?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Creator’s intention all along is to have humanity surmount its obstacles, learn from the many challenges that come, again and again, to require an active effort to surmount, all of which adds greatly to the richness of experience in dealing with the physical realm and its demands—the fragility of life and vulnerability of a physical form being a major liability.


All of human experience is merely preparation for a vast and glorious future in higher dimensions, but it is necessary to meet these challenges and to triumph over the evil wishing to constrain, and limit, and ultimately destroy the human enterprise. That learning, although hard-won and incurring painful karmic obligations and liabilities that carry forward, is a true blessing because the strengthening that will result from taking on the challenge and prevailing, will be a true test of greatness and a preparation like none other, for handling any kind of adversity that might arise in the future.


We expect that there will be nothing in human future to match the level of difficulty they have had to face through history in dealing with the sources of evil brought by this group of depraved beings into your realm, and all the manipulation that has resulted, and the worsening by karmic wounding demanding restitution and repayment to rebalance things—all of which acts as an anchor holding back the collective of humanity from achieving the enlightenment that has been planned now through all of the existence of humanity but still remains beyond reach.


Humanity has never come this close heretofore. This is truly the final push—the ultimate test of whether humanity can go the distance and obtain enough healing to survive and prevail over the interlopers and then transcend the negativity and liability it creates within your personal karmic history to keep dragging everyone down. Enough healing must be done for the collective humanity to break free of this trap. It is possible it can happen. You are figuring out the tools needed and putting them to use. The odds have never been greater than today for the ultimate success of the human project. If you keep going, you can win this.