DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWhat is behind the groundswell movement for legalization of cannabis use that is growing nationwide with many previous conservative skeptics now jumping on the bandwagon? Will this be a good thing?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This indeed is a sea change in society after having been roundly condemned most of the last century with an awareness it was causing severe changes in perception and conduct as well, that could be a diversion and lead to adverse behavior and experiences. It was considered, rightly so, as something distorting the mind like alcohol and needed to be limited in use and kept away from the young. While the dangers were wildly exaggerated, there was some wisdom in making it difficult to obtain. Not that severe legal penalties and incarceration were a proper response, but in terms of the saving of many from complications of cannabis exposure through fear of getting into trouble, was, on balance, a helpful brake on behavior and prevented many tragedies.

This change in tolerance and a lowering of the guard has been orchestrated by mind control manipulation by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to create the aura of respectability. Its use has always been championed by the young because they are reckless and foolhardy and lack the wisdom to make sound judgment about delaying gratification and pleasure or avoiding sources of stimulation of this sort that might have a downside. But like alcohol, it starts the user on a slippery slope and things can begin to deteriorate and even fall apart. This is obviously a variable. There are some social drinkers who never get into trouble and some people, once they start experiencing alcohol ingestion, cannot stop themselves and will graduate to excessive drinking and a lifelong habit they cannot prevent from overtaking them.

The same will happen with cannabis use. The so-called devotees who are championing the cause are heavily habituated to its use and this is co-opting them in many ways by constraining their productivity and making them less productive and useful in society and undermining their own future in ways they will not appreciate until much, much later in life. So this is a quite insidious substance because it can be tolerated for a time with little in the way of a negative outcome if used judiciously at intervals and strictly during a recreation period like a weekend off work. As people experience when they attempt to drive, for example, there are significant effects on the mind and the perceptions through the nervous system of all kinds, including motor functions. The distortions created will interfere with coordination, with planning, and with judgment in a number of ways. People are simply not themselves and may be in a quite altered state, lacking their normal discernment.

This interferes with lots of serious undertakings and meeting obligations, and if people become less and less productive and then complacent about their lack of productivity, the end result is a degradation, and they will lose out in the end. The fact this is being promoted to happen with great fanfare and enthusiasm speaks to the lack of common sense being applied here and this is the hallmark of mind control manipulation when people do things not in their best interest, with no second thoughts, or reservation, or hesitation. That is not natural. So the times are not normal, it is that simple.