DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsWhat is the motive for the woman who enticed him to live with her and her family, taking him away from his current therapeutic setting and thwarting his plans to take the ACT exam soon, to continue his education?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

This individual is being heavily manipulated by the extraterrestrials. Her whole family is under their control and they are using her as a way to get to the woman’s son and further sideline him from life. This is the reason she is seemingly so interested, and so caring, and so full of contrarian advice about what the boy needs. It is all disinformation to motivate her to do the manipulation on their behalf and lure him away from his caregivers, and with the enticement and promise of being sheltered and cared for, giving him an easy out from the demands and rigor of undergoing what for most children is a normal educational process and customary preparation for life as an independent adult. The unfortunate consequence here is that it will delay his maturation and his progress, both, in becoming independent and fully functional. But that is the sinister intention behind these manipulations. So the mother and you, intuitively, are spot on in seeing through this scheme, that it is not in the boy’s interest. So doing healing work for all the parties involved here will be an important first step in helping the situation. Time will tell to what extent he will see, himself, that his mother is truly working on his behalf in spite of the discipline she brings and the demands he be educated despite his impairments. But that is loving intention and not a punishment.