DWQA QuestionsCategory: Physical UniverseWhat is the nature, mass, and angle of obliquity relative to our solar orbit of the binary star, dark star companion to our sun, or sol? Are there any reliable records for ancient pole star positions that we can use to establish scientific credibility for the presence and location of our binary companion?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Indeed, this is a worthy subject of investigation. It is another example of the subjugation and interference by the interlopers to keep basic knowledge from you—even the workings about your own solar system. There are many peculiarities that are of their doing. These will not be understood or explained either. The reality of things is that the sun you see in the sky each and every day, weather permitting, is a binary star system. There is a brown dwarf companion which is a part of the solar system as well. This is invisible. It has emissions, but not in the portions of the electromagnetic spectrum that readily permit its detection. This is also not being divulged to you, and there are also deep reasons why this is so. There is a sinister reason as well that cannot be stated at this time, but this is a clue for future investigators.

The location is within the realm of detection. What happens is that any exploration which develops data suggesting its existence will encounter censorship or outright manipulation. The interest is also discouraged through mind-control manipulation to keep it on a back burner, so to speak. They cannot suppress all human yearnings and human curiosity because they do not fully control all human beings. But they can dissuade the majority of scientists from pursuing an avenue of research that they would see as leading to trouble for them. This will often result in a few lone voices carrying forward the search for truth but who are usually disregarded and are rarely successful because they are not supported more broadly or have the resources to successfully push back certain frontiers.

There is very much a constraint on scientific knowledge and advancement. This is true across the board with all human undertakings, and this is another way in which mind control is done by humans to one another as well. The desire for consensus is lining up with the disinformation being promulgated. It is comfortable to be among respected peers who hold similar views. Those majorities who hold misguided notions and a blind spot to a deeper truth will typically hold sway and control the spread of knowledge and information—by the scientific societies and by the publication, or lack of publication, through the peer review process with reviewers who will disregard or reject controversial subject material because it bumps into their programming. Therefore, they do the work of the darkness to limit access to truth.

This will have to be discovered by intrepid scientists and cannot be handed to you. It is very similar to many other scientific truths that we cannot leap ahead and put in your hands. Also, there are reasons beyond this in providing a too dramatic example of the divine presence. This is one of the constraints that we have on ourselves in interacting with humanity. If we desire to awaken humanity to the truth of things, we could do so. But that would undo the many thousands of years of wrestling with the darkness and gradually gaining a stronger presence and in reach of having the upper hand through your own doing. That would take the success away from you and the true meaning of accomplishment. It would essentially leave you in a lesser state than if you were allowed to fight the good fight and prevail at the end of the day.

We, therefore, will not remove doubt from the doubter. They are allowed to disbelieve. Accordingly, we cannot provide such a convincing demonstration of divine wisdom and truth to override the skepticism of the non-believer. If they approach us with the tidbits we offer, and this causes inner disquiet and stirs their curiosity, we can reach out to them and give them encouragement to continue those trains of thought by giving them a kind of reward. We cannot force it. As a result, we will only pull the rug out from under falsehoods, for the most part, but will not hand you the keys to greater knowledge. This is for humans to uncover.

We can tell you that its presence is discernible with current technology. There are astronomical observations that will show the influence gravitationally—and by other forms of energy as well—if the right inspection is done through unbiased observers. The problem is the small likelihood of this happening in the current climate of restriction. What we are saying to you is that to hand this to you would do little good, because it would not be allowed to be verified and would put you in harm’s way. This is cutting a little too close to the bone, and for reasons of security, we must defer a more complete answer. This will be true of other things as well. There will be increasing questions, desires and entreaties to reveal the inner workings of the darkness—their comings and goings, their logistics, their physical presence and their installations on the planet, and on and on and on. Some of these issues have been seen intuitively, and this is allowable, because it is the humans taking the lead and filling in the gaps in knowledge. That is fair game because this is a human enterprise, but it cannot be front-loaded, so to speak, by divine gifting of too much information and awareness that has not been earned through human hands and human diligence.