DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsWhat should we know about artificial intelligence or transhumanism? How does this relate to the activities of the Anunnaki here on Earth?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The issue of artificial intelligence is a kind of milestone in the progression of knowledge and the exploitation of technology, to navigate in a physical dimension in the sense you experience, being a physical human in a physical environment. This is a stage of awareness and knowledge achieved along the way by all advanced civilizations in a physical plane of existence. In the higher dimensions, everything takes place through consciousness, and physical devices are not needed. Artificial intelligence is an answer for needs in the physical. They are never a source of high-level information, other than perhaps carrying out rote function with greater speed and accuracy—like the mathematical operations done by a computer far outstripping the ability of the human mind to do the calculations in a reasonable length of time.

There are milestones in progression of civilizations where the need for technology can become compelling, and then to have a built-in measure of self-adjustment, self-control, self-monitoring, self-guidance, and so forth. This leads to the incorporation of a control mechanism and increasing complexity for those things requiring greater degrees of manipulation, fine-tuning, and adjustments in order to carry out more complicated maneuvers, and so forth. You see this now in the advent in human culture of the driverless automobile. This would have been unthinkable not too long ago but is now expected to be commonplace. The extraterrestrials are far, far ahead of you in this. When they need human-level functioning—even beyond the ability of their robotic, hybrid Greys that are a form of artificial intelligence and not a soul-based being—they simply clone human beings on an artificial matrix similar to that used for the alien Greys. But they use a human DNA construct and physical anatomy as an overlay. As a result, you have a human being walking around, talking, having a knowledge base, having programmed routines, having instructions to carry out and missions to complete, and passing among humans with total acceptance.

A high degree of artificial intelligence of human qualities is already in existence—just not done yet by humanity itself. Even among extraterrestrial civilizations that have existed for many, many millions to billions of years, you will not see a human-level product. You will not see an artificial intelligence that can begin to approach the knowledge and wisdom of a divine being either. You will only see a semblance. This is because the high-level function that is being sought is not being done by physical matter or the energy it comprises. It is done by consciousness, which is a divine quality and a level of power far greater than anything that can be summoned through physical means and the employment of matter to create a device of some kind in a physical dimension and level of reality.

Wisdom comes from divine consciousness shared by humans in the physical. The sophisticated awareness, application of judgment and morality, the feelings of love and compassion for others, and the altruism that is present in humans—as well as many organisms throughout nature—is all an expression of consciousness. It cannot come through artificial means. Consciousness comes from Creator; it comes from no other source. Therefore, the very definition of artificial intelligence then becomes a limited semblance of conscious choice, which can be programmed to advantage in order to carry out some beautiful purpose. It can never be a substitute for a human being for truly important matters, like nurturing a human, caring for the young, seeing to their growth, and learning about the important things of life—love and its expression, morality, and the consequences of thoughtless action.

The increased sophistication in coping with emotions and understanding their consequences can only be done through consciousness, because they are an expression of consciousness, not a choice made through a program that could be built into a robotic being. You could create a simulation, to be sure, similar to creating a cartoon character on a screen to act like a person with quite a similar array of emotions, thoughts, and actions that might, in fact, exhibit all the characteristics of a human being, including compassion and love. But that is a simulation only, and it is only present on the screen because it is coming from human consciousness and not from the product of an artificial being. Those approaches will never lead to a full human-level expression that is the equivalent of life.

There are utility advantages of such technology, but they come with a danger. That danger is amply illustrated by the very beings of artificial intelligence who are poised to take over your world, run things, and continue to exploit, experiment, and eventually annihilate you when they decide you are no longer needed. That is the future of artificial intelligence when it is allowed to go to an extreme level and degree of autonomy. All technologies have their pros and cons because they affect energy around them, and energy impinges on all things. Therefore, humans are influenced as well.

You see this clearly in the exposure to radiation—natural or created indirectly through generations of gamma rays, for instance, which can have diagnostic value but also can cause cellular damage. The same is true of all the other technologies employed. The greatest effect of the communication system is the degradation of human health. The benefits in communicating knowledge and information are quite superficial—in the degree of advantage that they give you some better quality of life as you perceive it—and come with a net negative because they are used for programming and subjugation, as well as being harmful energies to expose oneself to. This will become apparent with greater time—to see the damage mount.

This is no less true of artificial intelligence. You will encounter this again and again, all along the way, and will see how the many failures and missteps lead to calamity. There are uses, to be sure, and we are not discouraging anyone from exploring the possibilities. However, there is a difference between having a smart appliance that takes over some routine human functions and saves time versus a device that is free to roam about and make its own decisions in what it does and what it interacts with.

There is a slippery slope here. This is the least of human problems at your own hands, because you are still far away from achieving that degree of potential peril which has come to you speeded up, in a sense, by your extraterrestrial opponents. This will be increasingly on display as these extraterrestrials are brought forward. You will see their makers, you will hear from them, and they will speak to the joys of their technology. You can keep this in mind—that they themselves do not appreciate the evil of what they have unleashed. You are the victims. They are unconcerned because it is not them—it is you who suffer.