DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit PossessionWhat is the origin of vampire stories and why does this resonate so with people, to keep reappearing again and again in popular culture?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

The major source of this is an intuitive awareness that there are beings that are invisible and often come by night, or are noticed at night, who can descend on hapless victims and infest them in a way that will carry forward permanently and be a source of inner alteration to darken them, to drag them down, to even make them engage in criminal conduct, and this is an awareness that there is something desired of the host that must be obtained. This is seen intuitively and is 100% accurate because the spirit meddler attachments must have human energy to continue living and without it will perish. So the analogy of a living thing that can fly through the air, even in the dark, that feeds off a host and takes its vital essence for itself and self-preservation but also can drag down the host and turn it into something much darker with the creation of evil impulses is directly analogous to what takes place with spirit possession by the demonic spirit meddler cohort. All of these events and consequences take place with the exception it is not a winged animal in the physical but a form of consciousness that is invisible to the eye.

Many people, having encountered this phenomenon, know intuitively that it is a real liability and so any story with a parallel theme and plot line will resonate strongly with them and be disquieting. It is human nature to have a morbid fascination, so-called, because that is an attempt by the subconscious to learn all it can in order to be forewarned and to gain further knowledge and wisdom about how to survive the threat described in dark material like horror movies. For the most part, the viewers are not so very dark that they will revel in depravity because it is seen as enjoyable and satisfying. It is by far the case numerically that people attending these types of programs have inner fears and are hoping to learn more about what might be going on and what to do about it by watching others in action. It is an unfortunate side effect that it will stir up their fear by having it depicted ever so realistically in motion pictures, but that can’t be helped. So watching such programming is a mixed blessing, but there are some positive aspects as well in raising awareness of the true menace of the darkness.