DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhat percent of psychosomatic illnesses are due to past karmic trauma, and what percentage of those incidents occurred in other lifetimes?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

We would say that a full 80% of psychosomatic illnesses are due to past karmic trauma and 75% of those are traumas in other lifetimes and not the current one alone, although there could have been a reoccurrence of a karmic pattern to get things rumbling. The other source of psychosomatic illnesses, as labeled by physicians, is meddling by spirits attached to the person or an external spirit or other influence perturbing things energetically. Spirit attachments are adept at manipulating nerves, for example, and so they can produce many physical manifestations in the form of somatic complaints for which a doctor may well be consulted. And again, there might be great difficulty in fitting the chief complaint into a diagnostic profile that allows attaching a label, meaningfully, to the patient’s problem. That is in itself a tip-off that something less usual is happening that may not be of physical origin at all but the perturbation by another consciousness to harm the body. And again, the Lightworker Healing Protocol is the answer to ensure removal of interfering spirits, whether the fallen angelics or lost soul human spirits and perhaps extraterrestrial spirits in the case of targeted individuals who they seek to sideline.