DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaYou have told us that 94% of physical maladies are caused by karmic trauma. Are illnesses diagnosed as psychosomatic, actually bodily disturbances caused by karma as well, but are just not fitting established medical diagnostic criteria?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

You are hitting the nail on the head with this intuitive perception. It is spot on that those instances when people have been diagnosed with a psychosomatic complaint or a hysterical illness, regardless of the severity and the seeming correlation with what a physician might see as neurotic behavior or the heightened emotions of a neurasthenic individual, it is always the case that prior experience made them that way. That is what karma does, it creates a human state of being with strength or vulnerability, as the case might be. In every instance when there is some quirky symptom that does not fit the strict criteria for a diagnosable illness, to chalk that up to a psychosomatic manifestation of inner emotions is only going to the most surface level for the explanation.

In actuality, both inner emotions as well as physical symptoms in the body, are both owing to past history and the reawakening of karmic events when the person was traumatized. The deep subconscious is simply reviewing the past, as it can and does all day long, looking for trouble, and it will find trouble everywhere. Because humans have had so many difficult and challenging and tragic life circumstances, the assumption will be “They may well be coming again,” and that is enough to throw the deep subconscious off balance and this can be transmitted to the body in the form of stress as well as making linkages to the DNA within the person to begin to reshape things in line with a prior karmic difficulty.

As you know well, the Law of Karma will look for such opportunities when things are aligned, to resurrect an old dilemma as an opportunity for the person to rebalance things. But when they are not ready, when they are equally vulnerable or perhaps more so in the current lifetime and likely unable to handle more being piled on in a negative way, that exercise in karmic restoration will likely turn out to be a liability and add to the problem. Not only will the underlying tragedy not get healed but the current life semblance will be added onto that sum total energy of negativity and make the wound greater, more painful, and more likely to give rise to physical symptoms that might be inexplicable to the person experiencing them, as well as a physician consulted for answers about their origin and meaning.

The highest and best way to manage such things is to do deep karmic repair with the Lightworker Healing Protocol and perhaps Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution as that can also help to tame inner negative beliefs that might limit divine healing because the person is putting up roadblocks through claiming their seeming illness as permanent reality. Such beliefs, even though working against the person, must be honored by the divine realm and this might condemn a person to a lifetime of suffering. The workaround is to do Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution and Belief Replacement, and that can open the arena to divine intervention much more readily in some instances.