DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWhat’s so great about being a divine human if we’re already light beings that can go anywhere in the universe with our thoughts, create things out of limitless energy with our mind alone to make anything we want, don’t need food or water to live, and have immortality?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

You are forgetting the fact that as the light beings with the capabilities you describe, you are describing the very same thing. These are light being capabilities of the divine human, not any organism. So you are seeing, in effect, a preview of coming attractions that much in the toolkit is in place already. What is needed is further seasoning and further testing and validation that as a race of beings you will continue to learn and grow in desirable ways and face various tests to ensure you can handle the freedoms that will be granted to you more and more as time goes on. While you are in the light as light beings, you still do not have full freedom bestowed on you in terms of free will and free agency. While you can do many things on your own, it is always done in close consultation with Creator and with Creator’s permission and will be monitored by Creator as well so, in effect, you are still on a leash. You also still do not have the full extent of the powers you will enjoy when you have surmounted the problems facing you in the earth plane that will demonstrate once and for all the ability to stay in divine alignment under the most dire circumstances and temptations.

This seasoning has been an essential component in your development and to prove your readiness to handle the responsibilities you will have as an advanced divine human living and working more independently than ever before. You will have much responsibility and it will be shouldered unilaterally. Creator will always be available for consultation but there will be many times and situations where you act entirely as an independent agent and must be ready to shoulder that responsibility. This is what we wanted to ensure before unleashing you all on the universe. There are many things still to learn about the nature of your future and what it will entail. So this at least will clarify the outline of your request to show you that you haven’t seen anything yet, truly, in what will come your way—the opportunities, the challenges, and the awesome nature of your future contributions to the universe stemming from your own creativity and choices as a powerful extension of Creator’s consciousness, greater than ever before in any form and especially, under circumstances where the extension you represent is given free will and free agency. That is a level of power in combination with Creator’s trust in you that has never been enjoyed heretofore.