DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersWhen I did a spirit rescue on Allen Dulles, his past life contracts appear to relate to events that happened after he was replaced by a Reptilian imposter. If this was seen accurately, why was he picking up contracts tied to his akashic record by a Reptilian using his persona?
Nicola Staff asked 4 years ago

This is an important observation because it reveals a karmic truth about the shape-shifting intrusion and its consequences. All of the past life contracts you witnessed were gained by the actions of the Reptilian and not Allen Dulles as his physical human self directly. The reason that the Reptilian’s actions are connected to him in physical human form, even as an earthbound spirit, is because the replacement process creates a being still interconnected with the akashic record of the original human. So even though the actions are done through and as a consequence of the Reptilian commandeering the persona of the human, what takes place and its karmic aftermath is assignable to the akashic record of the human to some degree. Because the Reptilian consciousness is present as a soul extension, the actions are assignable to its akashic record in parallel. So it essentially is harming two beings when it is engaged in wrongdoing. It harms itself with wounds to its own soul, and it continues to harm the human whose persona has been borrowed in the form of its DNA and memory. So this is a double wounding and will represent a healing dilemma for the human being replaced going forward.

This again is one of the consequences of karma that may seem unfair but has an exquisite specificity by not letting anything escape it, including the karmic consequences of becoming a victim, in this case, by a Reptilian shape-shifter. But the consequences of becoming a victim to a human perpetrator are every bit as real and potentially significant, in terms of karmic debt and need for rebalancing, as any other human circumstance that causes events that ripple outward. This happens with victimization in all circumstances. Creating vulnerability for the self and losing one’s life have karmic consequences for many others in most cases, because it will influence all family members, friends, business associates, and others involved with the person as caretakers, if not loved ones, per se. This is no different. In some way, the person becomes vulnerable by making themselves a target and this has a karmic consequence and the karma will extend from there and be amplified by all that happens subsequently, so some of this is traceable back to and assigned as responsibility to the original human.