DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWhen it comes to eternal life, it would appear the problem is not one of quantity but of QUALITY. What is Creator’s outlook?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is an important perspective to hold. Time spent in mediocre pursuits will not be as rewarding, as uplifting, and worthwhile as more lofty pursuits, greater challenges that in the doing will raise you up and grow new strengths and add new skills and a refinement of capabilities to enable reaching even greater heights of accomplishment. The boring humdrum routine of physical existence is, in effect, a counterpoint to the life of the light being. This is no accident and is why, in part, you are here experiencing such things—this will add depth and richness and grow a depth of character as well. There is nothing lofty or enlightening about doing something that is easy, it is those things that are hard, that are a challenge, that stretch you to the limit and may even require innovation and creating something from your own energy that is quite new that will truly expand and guarantee a greater future because it will be the opposite of stagnation.

This is not to say you are in an eternal marathon where you must go at maximum pace, intensity, and unwavering dedication requiring constant diligence, attention, focus, and energy. In the same way that you enjoy taking time off, so to speak, to relax or pursue an avocation, the light beings will do the same because that variety serves many, many purposes at all levels of existence. There are times where it is good to step away, stand down, and reflect on what one is doing and have an opportunity to relax and replenish and have a time experiencing something different as a contrast because this will lead to a renewed dedication and renewed vigor when you reenter the fray, so to speak, and go back to something quite challenging. You will have gained from having that time to recharge yourself and it may well enable you to have pondered things and gained greater insight about the larger tasks you are involved with and enable refining strategy, and perhaps make a course correction to change tactics and strategies in a novel way that can be quite helpful and might not have happened except from having an interval of disengagement like a vacation.

We would see all of that as “quality time” because there is an underlying flow and flux in the dynamic of existence that is still purposeful and will help keep you moving forward. So there is a time for rest and reflection as well as a time to be on the march, and as well those times when you may be running a marathon, needing a high-level engagement for an extended period at a high level of energetic intensity. Having a variety of duties and opportunities and experiences is always ultimately healthy and enriching and contributes overall joy to the soul journey.