DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorWhen people ask us for proof that God exists, what can we tell them?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This is an age-old struggle that is experienced by all learning about the Almighty and given opportunities to develop their understanding and a concept of divinity, and to sort out the many complications pertaining to what the divine realm is all about and the existence of God means. And in particular, where they stand individually in the scheme of things—what their relationship might be, what the potentials are that exist for a greater closeness, and sharing, and interplay, and to what extent this might be out of reach and unobtainable.

The elusiveness of the Divine, not being visible in the environment as something that can be seen, and heard, and touched, and interacted with, much as one talks with another human, is the greatest burden and liability to belief one can imagine. It is like being asked to have an imaginary friend one must believe in totally to gain the most from the partnership when it does not even seem real at the outset. It is too great a leap of faith for many, many individuals and this is quite unfortunate because there is so much to be gained from a divine partnership when belief is present, and trust in the Divine exists to allow the Divine access to one’s life and, given the invitation, to begin affecting things and changing the life for the better.

This being the case, when people want proof they, in effect, are bypassing the most important step needing to be taken, which is to cultivate belief within themselves. By turning to an outsider, they are looking for a shortcut and oftentimes it is a half-hearted request at best with a full expectation of being impossible to achieve. So it is only a half‑hearted gesture in most cases, and often has an ulterior motive to put the true believer on the spot and attempt to pull the rug out from under them, whether done maliciously or with a true heartfelt desire to save them from their own perceived folly. The end result is the same for them—that access will be denied to any kind of evidence or ongoing support to further the possibility of a direct interaction that would be the most rewarding and the greatest convincer.

There are many stories of miracles and you know many of these yourself. You have your own miracles you can share with people and describe, but as you know, most such miracles are small-scale and personal, and purposely designed to influence only the person they are intended for and not for outsiders, so as to not interfere with the free will choice of nonbelievers. In most cases, those asking for proof of the Divine are among the latter in largely disbelieving the possibility that God exists and because of their skepticism and disbelief, providing any new evidence becomes impossible because we simply cannot violate our own rule to override human choice. The nonbeliever creates a prison of their own making in which they are trapped and diminished and will never have a more expansive awareness that would allow witnessing evidence proving the truth of the Divine.

For the believers simply wanting extra reassurance because the belief quotient has started to feel shaky or perhaps has never reached the 100% level, but is nonetheless substantial, there are much greater chances the person can be convinced through a sharing of stories of witnessed healings and other miracles. Here too, the suggestion to have them request signs from the Divine they are being heard and listened to and attempts made to reward them with evidence will bring about such events in most cases if sufficient belief is present to begin such a process.

In most cases, when there is latitude allowing a bit more for the divine realm to step forward than truly proportional to the belief quotient, it is when there is a desire for greater belief. And this is through divine compassion recognizing many have this handicap and will otherwise never make the grade. So to avoid excluding so many, extra latitude may be allowed when someone truly wants the extra evidence as encouragement and validation to help them overcome their skepticism, and this may well happen at least in a small way. But this can be the beginning of a series of events of growing impact, as happened for you, and this can win the day to make a person a true believer and allow them many, many blessings—from increasing their intuitive capability to having a more visible partnership with the Divine in many of their day‑to‑day activities where there is a knowing and many signs perceived of divine interaction. This is a life worth living and will bring many joys.