DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorWhen people ask us for proof we are talking to and receiving answers from God, what can we tell them?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

The best you can do is to share our words with them for questions you posed for which you had no knowledge or understanding when the question was formulated, and then were surprised at the depth and completeness of the answers that were forthcoming. As you experienced personally, most people will not believe second-hand accounts readily. It is too easy for things to be faked or overstated, so people are rightly skeptical and cynical about the truth of such accounts and their reliability. This is why personal experience is so valuable but represents a chicken and egg problem—that in order to have such experiences requires a certain minimum belief quotient, and that may not be yet developed sufficiently to support having a divine intervention, even in a small way. But this can be worked on and worked toward if there is a genuine desire for this to develop and to be experienced. Many people start on the bottom rung but then progress.

So the first thing we would say is that those who are simply posing the question as a challenge, with the expectation you will fail to convince them, can be summarily dismissed and are not worthy of supporting, even with your information, because their minds will likely be closed from the outset. And they will find many ways to dismiss the value of the words and will not be impressed by your attestation of their origin and the circumstances in which they were obtained. The challenge of meeting the requirements of the skeptic are truly self-limiting because of the inability to override disbelief. So they close themselves off from the possibility of witnessing a miracle, and you will not be able to have one take place they can witness and call that up on demand and satisfy them by pulling out some arcane piece of information only they might know.

As you know personally, when you test us, we must stand back and let the test fail. This was true for Jesus Christ as well, and he talked about this in accounts within the Bible, so you are in good company. It is because of the divine rules, not because of your potential limitations or possible failure because of nervousness when challenged and so forth. The restriction will be applied from our end because it is our rule. You will likely be happy to peek over the fence if you feel it serves the moment in providing requested information. We must keep the barriers in place unless all the requirements are satisfied for conveying information through the requisite belief quotients being in place, and there being an honest, heartfelt inquiry, and not an attempt to discredit your work.

We believe there is ample evidence in the body of material you have accumulated about all manner of topics, situations, circumstances, events, and theoretical discussions probing mechanistic aspects of many, many phenomena, both conventional and unconventional, to show there is a divine hand at work. This, of course, would require some time and effort, and scholarly attention with a finely-honed critical discernment in tow to identify those things that are unexpected and quite impressive in their breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding, not only the broad outlines, but the very, very deep implications in interacting and affecting many other things.