DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWhy did the being in the light I channeled not acknowledge other family members until his father finally brought it up?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The reason, as we stated previously, is that because they were not brought into the discussion with your questions, those topics were off limits. This is why in all of the channelings you have done of beings in the light, they stay very close to the words of the questions themselves. In some instances, new information can come through that follows naturally from the intention of your question, particularly when the information is already known to you personally and is within your knowledge base. We understand that this makes it accordingly unconvincing to the skeptic, looking at what came through and seeing nothing novel and concluding that this was likely just the channeler’s own bias coming out in the answers and there being nothing truly fresh or novel in the exchange, and that may be so in some cases. But keep in mind, this also satisfies the need to stay within the guidelines to not be in the lead, so there must always be preparation in advance by the channel and the questioners to have the intention in place to seek certain kinds of information, and that is what will be addressed. It cannot come unilaterally from the light being. They cannot engage in a fresh agenda or a personal agenda.

So this light being’s feelings about his sister and brother and others, the mother and the friends, were not topics of discussion until questions were actually raised. And then the questions were inviting and open-ended and so could allow only the broadest and vaguest of possible answers for reasons we have given. There must be specific requests to address specific individuals and ideally in specific ways that make clear the issue at hand. And this allows the light being to widen their commentary because they can answer a direct request with a more direct answer.