DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersWhy is it that some humans in powerful positions are replaced with a Reptilian interloper (i.e. George Bush, Pol Pot, etc.), and yet others are killed off (i.e. Jack Kennedy, Eva Peron)? Would not the ET Alliance have total control of humanity if they just replaced all of our leaders with a Reptilian, especially those leaders who are well liked and trusted?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Indeed, and this is an important question because it illustrates an important fact of existence, and that is you are not alone as human beings trotting about in your day-to-day lives and being subjugated all the while, manipulated, constrained, interfered with and denigrated and degraded functionally at every turn, even through your own doings, the products you manufacture, and the pollutants that result you breathe in that limit your lifespan, the many sources of adulterants and contaminants and adjuncts to agriculture and food production that are ingested and are toxic, but are tolerated through ignorance or unawareness, and a complacency that will not respond to those raising alarms, and so on, all through society. It is quite true that if the Extraterrestrial Alliance replaced all the leadership en masse the world would be an even darker place.

There is a reason this has not happened. That reason is that you are not alone. We are here. We are here with you. We are within you, and when a person is in divine alignment sufficiently, they can rise to a level of protection, with divine assistance, that makes them untouchable. There are many things that we do behind the scenes to limit such endeavors, whether it comes through a direct intervention at the moment of the drastic event of replacement about to be enacted, or it is done tactically and strategically, both by interceding in the warp and woof of the interlopers’ thinking and strategic decision-making to perhaps offer a suggestion that it might be more enjoyable and entertaining to make it a bit of a fair fight to allow some humans to be left alone, to see what will happen, and then have ever greater enjoyment that after a time of prevailing and reaching certain heights, only then is a final interference arranged to break them down, and often through assassination or an arranged manipulation to cause them to be discredited or disgraced as with a sexual indiscretion.

Those acts are almost always orchestrated when individuals of high standing and reputation have a comeuppance of that sort. There are many tools available to the interlopers. We can tell you if they want the world ended, they could do it directly, but choose not to. We are helping the cause through how we intercede. We cannot give you our game plan in the same way as we will not give you the precise details of the game plan of the interlopers. There are good reasons for this that should be intuitively obvious. If we provide an outline, they will change their plans, then we are back in an era of uncertainty, and that is not to the advantage of the human cause. So, what seems on the surface somewhat inexplicable, we can tell you that there are a number of great figures on the world stage who have contributed materially to human progress and whose existence and time in politics and governments was supported with divine safety to allow enough good to happen to make a difference at a critical juncture, and this is how things have proceeded.

It is an unfair fight up to the point humans choose to turn to the divine. Kennedy and members of his team turned to prayer and there were many in the world seeing the growing storms of war who did likewise. In aggregate, it was enough to prevent his demise for a considerable period of time beyond that which would have been done otherwise. He was protected from replacement, for example, and many attempts on his life were forestalled, and in fact, the first assassination, as a plot involving many beyond the patsy who was blamed, began to unravel and came to light and had to be redone in fact, by the interlopers. It was at that point where the spiritual capital of those working on behalf of America was not sufficient to stretch far enough to prevent another dark doing of this sort, done in earnest, with tremendous energy coming from the interlopers. Keep in mind, they do have free agency and free will. They are not totally cut off from divine support as yet, although that may well happen.

Their healing is the key to their salvation and, ironically, they can be saved only by human beings at this point, because it is to you they owe a debt much more so than to the divine, because their crimes have been against humanity quite directly and against the divine only indirectly because they operate in ignorance of the divine, that it is a reality. That would seem to most human beings a very strange and quite weak mitigating factor, as human perspective is frequently one of responsibility resting on the shoulders of the perpetrator until proven otherwise with ignorance of the law being no excuse. Things are more complicated than you outline with your attempt at justice, but we can tell you that the divine will prevail, if it is supported by humanity, and that support is critical in all that happens and it is a factor much more than appreciated in every situation that arises of a questionable nature or a drastic nature. Disasters could always have been a bigger disaster, in some way or another, and that larger catastrophe may well have been reined in by a divine intervention acting at the behest of human request through prayer and an outreach to obtain healing. This can accelerate and improve and be enhanced manyfold with an earnest awareness and decision to participate in the enterprise. We invite all hearing these words to join in and to encourage their fellows.