DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWill a session with the new Protocol help our client with his throat problem because of the importance of cellular memory involved with its chronicity?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This will be quite helpful. It will still take some time because, in the throes of an ongoing assault, it is all too real and this is the same problem you have encountered in some other situations where there are very severe symptoms and a profound belief in their inevitability, that as soon as they are uncreated, the mind can recreate them and the body will fall into line—its memory being so recent of what was experienced, it is a simple matter for the body to manifest it once again despite even complete healing having taken place. That is somewhat different than the problem of cellular memory in which the healing is never complete because the cellular memory prevents this. It is an area of difficulty that is off-limits to the divine realm in many cases because of free will. So, in a sense, the mind can recreate shock, trauma, and drama at will, and this is more akin to what might be termed karmic memory—a revisiting of the akashic record and then reagonizing over it, serving to trigger the body to take this as marching orders, and especially if the problem has been expressed in the body previously, it will be easier for the body to reconnect to the old energies and the energetic signature of what happened, and mimic it and recreate it to a “T,” so to speak.