DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWill my session for my client with the latest Protocol help her with her sciatica? Is that a cellular memory problem at this point?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

There is a component of cellular memory, but the overriding issue is great fear and a complex inner conflict being created by her deep subconscious that is hyper-focused on particular karmic events in her history, making her torn in two, in effect, and this is reawakening a karmic dilemma that played out in a prior lifetime and resulted in loss of locomotion that caused devastating consequences for her. This has become a karmic imperative, in a sense, that she has a hard time letting go of, so this is a predominance of the strength of her convictions and her sense of duty and loyalty seemingly at risk from the behavior of old, and this is causing the need to have a karmic lesson play out in the first place. The fact it has intensified is because this has been stirred up yet again and its strength has caused it to persist for a longer than usual period in her awareness. This has kept the fires burning, so to speak, and the symptoms becoming chronic. This is best treated with the help of the chiropractic work underway now. Your Protocol session is of help here because its Karmic Repair will continue working to peel away the layers and make all the efforts being done directly, through physical manipulation, more likely to help.