DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWill asking the divine realm to put a net of white light around a subject we summon to channel, and then inviting that subject to break through it, indicate whether they are in divine alignment? Will this be equally effective as determining intuitively, whether they have blue, or dark empty eyes, as a means to tell whether a potential channeling subject is in divine alignment or serving the darkness?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is another fine indicator and has some extra advantage because it allows the divine realm to apply some force to the situation. We can indeed constrain an evildoer wishing to show off or take command in a situation where the divine realm has been invited to bring forth truth. This is truly no contest as we can win every time if the humans will ask in an evenhanded way putting aside their expectation and fears about the consequences of the answer. That is the only complication and it can be significant in some instances, particularly on the part of a channeler with a long-standing cherished relationship with a source of information and knowledge who is putting this to the test as to their authenticity as a divine spokesbeing. This is tough to do for anyone because the stakes are so high, but this can be worked up to, it can also be repeated, again and again, as people grow more comfortable with the process and hit on the right kind of energy they need to be holding within, to be as dispassionate as they can in the moment during the query.

As in all things metaphysical, perfection is impossible, but one can come quite close to this with practice in developing a calm, measured way of doing things to keep one’s emotions separate from the undertaking and adopt the demeanor of the interested scholar seeking to understand a particular situation and learn the true way of things. That is a quite different energy and feel than putting something to the test that feels as though one’s life is on the line. But this process is quite robust and in the right hands will be invaluable in showing the safety or risk associated with any channel subject.