DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersAm I correct by interpreting my client’s subconscious channeling session, that he was victimized by being taken out-of-body at night and tormented by spirit meddlers, and that this is the cause of his fears of sleeping in his own bed? If so, was this in his current life or parallel life experience?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

You are correct in your interpretation. This happened in the current life and has happened in parallel lifetimes as well. That simply reinforces the dire situation from his perspective as there is a catalog of torment and misfortune owing to these manipulations. This will be very helpful work for him because this is a perfect application for a quite serious problem and its aftermath. As you can imagine, with early trauma events having such a huge and often lifelong negative impact on wellbeing, such a horrific experiencing and often repeatedly, even daily, as a drumbeat of horror in a person’s life, bringing in healing for this will have a tremendous benefit.

You are truly getting to this early so that it can prevent lifelong struggles that will be otherwise a secondary consequence of the many trauma episodes he has undergone in his early years. He will be safe now because of the Protocol work being done for him, that is a double blessing as he will heal his past and he will be protected for his future now as well. This is a cautionary tale that would benefit the whole world to learn about—it is never too late to do healing but sooner is better than later. The ideal would be to have been doing this from the outset of his life by his parents or a hired healer to see to it. This is a new blessing for the world that has only been in existence a short while but deserves to grow and spread, and you will be seeing to this with our help.