DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerWill people achieve the same help if they pray to a divine agent, such as Jesus, Mohammed, an Archangel or their Spirit Guides, as they would praying to Creator of All That Is directly?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a complicated question you are asking, and we do not wish to disenchant anyone who has rigid beliefs about the special importance of the Divine One they designate as recipient of their entreaties. We can tell you that all in the divine realm can help, all can heal, all can serve, and all can summon further help if that is allowed through an arrangement designated by the human requester. The only hesitation we have in approaching any figure in the divine realm, including one’s higher self, is that it is appointing that particular being to handle the matter and once this is decreed by a human, we must follow human intention and do what is asked and only what is asked. We cannot bend this rule. So if you reach out to a spirit guide or angelic, it may or may not be the best-equipped source to deal with a problem, particularly one of great complexity and interdependence with many others.

This is why we recommend always with such inquiries to simply start at the top and let us help sort things out. You lose nothing in this, you only gain. If the best person is Mohammed, based on your affinity and trust and great love for him, he will in all likelihood be called into action to assist Creator in bringing about an answer that is appropriate. So we are simply saying that we factor many things into the response to a prayer made to us—not only what is being asked and who is doing the asking, but also their interrelationship with the divine realm in other respects, and can take into account and honor these kinds of affinities and prior relationships, and there is often a high purpose in doing so because it serves the soul of both parties when love is bestowed and healing brought to bear in some way for a dilemma.

There are times when there are special circumstances that are best handled by a particular being unknown to a human who is struggling. This is why trust in the Divine can simply bring in the highest and best solution and you need not worry about the details. We will find a suitable figure who will agree to assist, and it may well be done by us directly. So that is very much a real possible choice and is always done at our discretion in any event. If you wish to reach a particular being and designate that in the prayer, this will always be honored.

What we are saying is—it may or may not be the highest and best approach to use. People can fall short in the way they construct prayers in the same way they can fall short in any other choices they make during their lives. If they attempt to do something with little training or preparation, it is likely they will not get the best outcome. The same is true in making prayer requests based on biased thinking about how the divine realm operates and the relative importance of different figures they have come to learn about. If they limit their prayer request, it will be constrained in some respect. This may or may not make a tangible difference, but it is possible that will happen and will have to be allowed by the divine realm because the human is living within their limitations as is always the case in everything that happens in human experience. It cannot simply be overridden because we are capable of doing so. People are always allowed to have their experience come what may. It is a personal involvement and learning opportunity they are seeking with each incarnation and this will not be circumvented to help them in the near term. It will always be best for people to work out their own learning and growth and that is the purpose for the strict rules.