DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19Will widespread vaccination allow a return to normal functioning of society?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

As you have come to see, this is more a political consideration and issue than a medical and scientific one. We have told you before, that lockdowns are truly not necessary because they will have minimal effectiveness in containing viral spread and will cause many problems of their own that are equal in magnitude to the morbidity and mortality of the virus. So that is a governmental response that is deliberately heavy-handed and, in a literal sense, overkill. So there will be a continued bias to rely on lockdown and other containment measures as being necessary and not just a backstop when there might be a flareup in case numbers. So time will tell how long it might take for the government to pry its fingers off of the citizenry and their freedoms. A lot will depend on the pace of the pandemic and the uncertainties accompanying flareups of new cases that are largely due to a willful reintroduction of the virus by the interlopers and not a natural spread to areas not complying sufficiently with government directives for wearing masks and social distancing. So, much will depend on the extraterrestrial planning and how far they want to continue the punishment and its severity. That is the largest and most important variable in place.