DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsWith dream visitations by loved ones who have passed on being the commonest way those in the light can interact with people they care about still living in the physical plane, this seems to be rather subtle and uncertain. Do people often fail to recall dream visitations of their loved ones because they simply don’t recall their dreams? What percentage of people are visited in this way, versus those who have a recall and awareness of a particular dream visitation?
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago

We would say that on average approximately 60% of people have a dream visitation by a loved one from the light coming to spend time with them, give them reassurance, and encouragement through expression of love. Of the 60%, less than 10% will have a recall of a given dream. Some will not recall anything that may happen even though dozens of such encounters with a loved one from the light may have taken place. What is most important is for this to register at the level of the deep subconscious, and because that is within the intuitive gateway, it will always be aware of such visits and will mark them as special events, and this will influence the emotional makeup of the person even if not recalled consciously. So this is a beneficial activity by the light beings to help out their brethren still in the living with reassurance about their continuity and continued connection to those in the living.