DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessYou have told us before that it is not possible through the mind, even using deep trance hypnosis, for people to recall experiences that happened in between lives while in the higher astral realm. Yet, my recent client asked about dreams she has had of being instructed, which you described as taking place in between lives for purposes of preparing her for life in the physical. How could she be aware this happened and recall the experience directly in her dreams?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

While this seems to be a discrepancy, it truly is not. You saw intuitively, the answer here. What she was witnessing was preparation for her time to come in the physical and to exhibit light being characteristics. That preparation was being done in an altered state of vibration to simulate the earth plane, and as such it constituted a visit to the earth plane energy in order to effect a practice session under real-world conditions, so to speak. Therefore, she was not truly on the higher plane at the time although she was in between lives. In actuality, she was in the earth plane on an excursion for teaching purposes, and thus the events in question were recorded on those portions of the akashic records applying to the earth plane business. So this is not a discrepancy from our prior teaching that there is a segregation of visibility in the akashic records of Earth business from all things taking place in the higher planes of existence.