William S. Sadler Channeled by Karl Mollison 26June2022

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William S. Sadler Channeled by Karl Mollison 26June2022

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William Samuel Sadler June 24, 1875 – April 26, 1969 was an American surgeon, self-trained psychiatrist, and author who helped publish The Urantia Book.

The book is said to have resulted from Sadler’s relationship with a man through whom he believed celestial beings spoke at night. It drew a following of people who studied its teachings.

A native of Indiana, Sadler moved to Michigan as a teenager to work at the Battle Creek Sanitarium. There he met the physician and health-food promoter John Harvey Kellogg, co-inventor of corn flakes breakfast cereal, who became his mentor. Sadler married Kellogg’s niece, Lena Celestia Kellogg, in 1897. He worked for several Christian organizations and attended medical school, graduating in 1906.

Sadler practiced medicine in Chicago with his wife, who was also a physician. He joined several medical associations and taught at the McCormick Theological Seminary. Although he was a committed member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for almost twenty years, he left the denomination after it disfellowshipped his wife’s uncle in 1907.

Sadler and his wife became speakers on the Chautauqua adult education circuit in 1907, and he became a highly paid, popular orator. He eventually wrote over 40 books on a variety of medical and spiritual topics advocating a holistic approach to health. Sadler extolled the value of prayer and religion but was skeptical of mediums, assisting debunker Howard Thurston, and embraced the scientific consensus on evolution.

In 1910, Sadler went to Europe and studied psychiatry for a year under Sigmund Freud. Sometime between 1906 and 1911, Sadler attempted to treat a patient with an unusual sleep condition. While the patient was sleeping he spoke to Sadler and claimed to be an extraterrestrial. Sadler spent years observing the sleeping man in an effort to explain the phenomenon, and eventually decided the man had no mental illness and that his words were genuine. The man’s identity was never publicized, but speculation has focused on Sadler’s brother-in-law, Wilfred Kellogg.

Over the course of several years, Sadler and his assistants visited the man while he slept, conversing with him about spirituality, history, and cosmology, and asking him questions. A larger number of interested people met at Sadler’s home to discuss the man’s responses and to suggest additional questions. The man’s words were eventually published in The Urantia Book, and the Urantia Foundation was created to assist Sadler in spreading the book’s message. It is not known who wrote and edited the book, but several commentators have speculated that Sadler played a guiding role in its publication. Although it never became the basis of an organized religion, the book attracted followers who devoted themselves to its study, and the movement continued after Sadler’s death.

Ann Robards – the 2nd Interview Channeled by Karl Mollison 19June2022

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Ann Robards – the 2nd Interview Channeled by Karl Mollison 19June2022

The first interview can be viewed here: https://www.getwisdom.com/ann-robards-channeled-by-karl-mollison-8-april2017/

This is the introduction from the first interview with Ann Robards in the light in April of 2017:

We know very little about her. Karl received her name from his primary source in the Light. She was identified as someone who could tell us about an extraterrestrial slave colony and her involvement and tragic experiences there.

She and her family were abducted from their home at night approximately 30 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio.

Some will dismiss this as nonsense and that is certainly understandable.

However, some of the testimony here is corroborated by other testimony received from other experiencers as can be found on the internet and elsewhere. Perhaps some will say that Ann’s experience and the greater issue of the alien manipulation and enslavement of man needs to be exposed in all its sordid detail for the purposes of justice and perhaps forgiveness.

That is for you to decide.  Thanks for joining us and Victory to the Light!

So since that interview, Karl and the rest of us at GetWisdom.com have learned many, many things about the ET races ruling earth including the phenomena of Reptilian replacement which in some ways is more unbelievable than the fact that there are human slaves essentially owned and controlled by Reptilian ETs on earth and on the Reptilian’s own planets. We’ve also learned quite a bit about free will and the rules of engagement that the divine realm adheres to in dealing with not only humans, but those ETs subjugating humans here on earth and elsewhere.

We found some clues in the first channeling interview that formed the basis for the 6 questions we are using for this 2nd interview.

  1. Has Ann reincarnated back on earth? What about her family?
  2. How is it that someone ends up as a slave to a Reptilian?
  3. Is this an old program; going back to Roman times or even before that?
  4. What about a rescue operation for these unfortunate humans?
  5. Has that been done? Can it happen again?
  6. Why is Ann’s story so important for our current situation here on earth?

Join us as these questions and more are answered!

Is My Child’s “Imaginary Friend” an Extraterrestrial?

Is My Child’s “Imaginary Friend” an Extraterrestrial?Anyone who was born in—or who has lived through—the 80s knows what a phenomenon the cult classic Showtime series, Twin Peaks, was. The show got canceled after a dismal second season, but came back 25 years later.

In Twin Peaks: The Return, the lead character, Agent Cooper/Dougie Jones, could see lights floating in the air—and these lights were being projected by “Mike” —a benevolent extraterrestrial—to guide him.

But why are we telling you this?

Has Your Child Ever Spoken of A “Friend” or Floating Lights?

The non-classifieds call them “hallucinations” of a child’s mind, but we know better. We’ve heard far too many accounts that are similar to think otherwise.

Many children, while growing up, often speak about an imaginary friend. This friend often has a name, given to them by the child. We think that this is just a case of the child’s imagination running amok.

But the truth is much stranger.

As adults, we are less perceptive than our children. Children, with their open hearts and receptive minds, often become the targets of sinister forces (and even benevolent ones in some cases).

Beware: Children Can Form BondsBeware: Children Can Form Bonds

A client who sought help from the Get Wisdom Project had an interesting—but not unusual—story to tell. She remembered how she had, as a child, felt extremely sad all of a sudden, and in this state of melancholy, she had sprinted to the window, while crying the entire time. When she got there, lights outside seemed to move away from her—up the street.

It sounds like something out of a movie, doesn’t it? Karl Mollison, a healer and researcher, however, has heard far too many tales like this one. Many children report seeing moving lights in the sky.

The children, in these cases, were very clearly abducted for the purpose of observation. Love feelings had been implanted within her, and in the aftermath, she was feeling sorrow due to the separation. The sad truth is that it is just a manipulation.

The Young are Vulnerable

The case of our client correlates with many other cases that we have had to deal with. When naysayers mock these cases and say, “what alien abductions? We have never been abducted,” they don’t know that adults are less likely to be abducted—although there are many cases, and that memories of such encounters are suppressed.

Children, as opposed to adults, are far more susceptible and vulnerable to the feelings that are implanted inside them.

As a result, the child can feel the formation and the fostering of a strong bond. Such a bond is increasingly hard for people to let go of—harder still if the person happens to be a child.

What to Do

If you think there’s a “friend living under your child’s bed, don’t waste any time and get in touch with us at Get Wisdom right away. It could be a case of extraterrestrial abduction.

GetWisdom.com Webinar: More Extraterrestrial Manipulations Revealed 22Dec2019

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GetWisdom.com Webinar: More Extraterrestrial Manipulations Revealed 22Dec2019

What we’ll cover in this event  …

How Widespread are Alien Abductions of Infants?
Every parent’s worst nightmare is something evil befalling their child. Karl & Denny discuss the shocking reality of how widespread this extraterrestrial program is, what it does to the victims, and the power of the Lightworker Healing Protocol to provide safety.

Does Mind Control Cause Governments to Create Trouble?
Governments are moving to reduce criminal penalties for drug use and property crimes as a humane way to reduce incarceration, even as they may be criminalizing behavior like homelessness. There are widespread reports that the death toll of serious natural disasters is being under-reported. There is a leaked video of a scientific proposal to weaponize a virus attacking the gene for spirituality. Karl & Denny explore Creator’s perspective of the cynical and sinister motivations behind such intentions.

Age Discrimination Like Racism Promoted by Mind Control?
Many workers are being phased out at their prime, and this is commonly accepted as just a self-serving cost-cutting by businesses. Creator explains how this has been ingrained in the thinking of managers and executives to corrupt them and actually undermine human productivity by eliminating the most valuable and highly experienced employees.

Where Did All the Sand in the Sahara & Namib Come From? 
We were prompted to look into this with Creator and were shocked to learn this was entirely unnatural and sinister. It is a sobering lesson about the power of the interlopers we face to wreak havoc on our environment.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The GetWisdom.com Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about divine perspective on more extraterrestrial manipulations …



GetWisdom.com Webinar: The Extraterrestrial Final Solution for Humanity 29July2018

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GetWisdom.com Webinar: The Extraterrestrial Final Solution for Humanity 29July2018

What we’ll cover in this event …

Who Wants Humanity Gone?
Karl and Denny will blow the whistle on the “Extraterrestrial Alliance”.

Why Do They Want Us Gone?
Karl and Denny will explore the reasons that key members of the Alliance have grown utterly disenchanted with humanity, and why their frustration has led them to conclude that our elimination is the only satisfactory solution.

When Do They Want Us Gone?
Karl and Denny will share how precious little time we collectively have, and why action on the part of all of us to counter this growing danger is so paramount.

Can They be Stopped? How Can We Realistically Stop Them?
Karl and Denny will share Creator’s advice for stopping and reversing this extraterrestrial threat.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The GetWisdom.com Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about aliens, the worry and the hurry …