Mark McCandlish Channeled by Karl Mollison 27Feb2022

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Mark McCandlish Channeled by Karl Mollison 27Feb2022

Mark McCandlish 1954 – April 2021

It was reported widely on the internet & social media on 3 May 2021 that Mark McCandlish committed suicide 13 April 2021. He was found by his girlfriend in his home in Redding CA when he did not show up at the animal shelter where he worked, supposedly with a self-inflicted shot to his head with a shotgun. The opinion of several writers and researchers that knew him was that he was most likely ‘suicided’ perhaps like some others who have been subjects of this channeling series. In one report he was supposed to testify to a US Senate “meeting” on UFOS and UAPs (the new term for UFOs, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”).

I, Denny Hunt, did a 4-part interview with him in January of 2017 for my YouTube channel Why Is This True? He was very kind and accommodating in this interview and we became friends of a sort due to our common interests and he also was helpful to me with other interviews and also during the episode following William Whitecrow’s mysterious death which was also ruled a suicide by the same Coroner’s Office as far as I know.

Mark was an internationally-recognized artist who specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries for the better part of the last thirty years, serving the needs of many of the top American corporations in this regard. Mark’s father was a twenty-five-year veteran of the United States Air Force and as a consequence, Mark had a life-long love of aircraft and aviation history. His first UFO sighting occurred at Westover Air Force Base in the State of Massachusetts, in the Winter of 1966 and he observed the craft through an 80-power telescope for about ten minutes before it accelerated out of sight at an extreme velocity. He later discovered that this craft had been hovering above a flight of nuclear-armed Boeing B-52′s sitting on the Alert Ramp of the flight line on base. Mr. McCandlish spent most of his life trying to discover the science that would make such incredible performance possible, and he believed there is a plausible answer to interstellar flight without violating the currently-accepted laws of physics. Having had literally dozens of sightings since 1966, he felt certain that this carefully protected technology has been co-opted by an as-yet-unknown group, and the sequestration of this technology has provided that organization tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades.

It was not my impression that he was one to play along with whatever was palatable or politically correct and he was also willing to entertain testimony that many others in his field would dismiss with prejudice. He also had a great ability to explain his work and always came across with credibility and humility. I think I was quite naive at the time of the interview with him in 2017, but he was probably instrumental in my path to the current understanding of what and why we are experiencing the world in its current state of decline and confusion.

Dr. Frank Stranges Channeled by Karl Mollison 16Jan2022

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Dr. Frank Stranges Channeled by Karl Mollison 16Jan2022

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Dr. Frank Stranges was born and educated in Brooklyn, New York. He received his Bachelors of Divinity, as well as Ph.D’s in Psychology and Philosophy, from Faith Theological Seminary in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Stranges was a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Council of Los Angeles, and a member of the American Association for Social Psychology. He also held a Ph.D. from the National Institute of Criminology, in Washington, D.C., and was an accredited Diplomat of the American Academy of Professional Arts.

Dr. Stranges authored several books on scientific and religious subjects, including his classic “The Stranger at the Pentagon,” which tells the unusual story of a spaceman named Valiant Thor. Because Thor was a real person, who appeared in a public on a few occasions (including at the United Nations headquarters in New York City), the legend of the Stranger at the Pentagon has grown, becoming a real head-scratcher for 21st-century UFO researchers. Today, it is still one of the hottest topics in ufology, having spawned various other books, documentaries, and even feature Hollywood films.

What exactly happened to Valiant Thor? Did he get back on his spaceship and return to his home planet, or did he help the U.S. government set up alien-human hybrid experimentation in remote underground bases? Or was he imprisoned – thrown in the clink – by those in the government who have been fighting UFO Disclosure all these years?

Since no one knows how long an alien can live, could Valiant Thor still be alive today, in 2016, somewhere in – or under – our nation’s capitol?

This special reprint – the 6th revised edition from 2001 – features an introduction by Dr. Harley Byrd, nephew of Adm. Richard E. Byrd, and an epilogue by Valiant Thor himself, as well as several interesting photos, covering years of UFO history. A must-have for the serious paranormal researcher.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, founder of NICUFO (National Investigations Committee on UFO’S), passed away on November 17, 2008 in California. Holding degrees in Theology, Psychology and Criminology, Dr. Frank always had a keen interest in the Bible and UFOS’ and dedicated his life to teaching and counseling people throughout the world to live in Divine Spirit. He offered a monthly newsletter, The Interspace Link and created the international “Inner Circle”, where members benefitted from his spiritual teachings and information that he gathered from those of other worlds, especially those beings from the planet Venus.

In 1959 Dr. Frank had his first physical encounter with Commander Valiant Thor, a Venusian. This friendship was to deepen throughout Dr. Frank’s life on earth. His book, Stranger at the Pentagon explains the details of his encounters and Dr. Frank’s subsequent activities.

His most recent work was the making of a DVD trilogy entitled Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls Exposed. He often stated that the information contained within the Dead Sea Scrolls is of immense value to the public because it reveals the direct link between the words of Jesus and the existence of beings from other worlds.

One of Dr. Frank’s last sentences delivered to the Inner Circle before his passing was: “I will remain in His Service, from wherever I may be.”

May the winds of love continue to sweep you upwards, Dr. Frank.

Is the Timing of the Release of Official UFO Videos Important?

Is the Timing of the Release of Official UFO Videos Important?

In late April 2020, the Pentagon did something we would not have imagined it would ever do. It released official UFO footage—and affirmed, ever so slightly, the existence of extraterrestrials.

But how harmless is this video?

The Video isn’t New

The video that the Pentagon released, just like the idea, is nothing new. In fact, we have seen the exact same footage before—it was released by a private company a year ago. In 2019, the Navy had acknowledged the footage as one containing “unidentified objects.”  But the footage itself goes further back to 2017. The incident—the sighting of this unidentified object—goes back even further.

It was in 2004, when David Fravor, a retired US Navy pilot, saw the said unidentified object. It was white, he said, and oblong. It pointed north, and it moved erratically. Fravor had been in an aircraft, and he sped towards the object. The object, in turn, sped south and disappeared. It took merely 2 seconds—perhaps even less—for it to disappear.

The Science of the UFO

David Fravor’s fantastic account revealed to us many things about UFOs and how they work. Coming from a retired US Navy pilot, who knows about aircraft and has no need to peddle conspiracy theories, we can, perhaps, take him for his word.

The Science of the UFO David Fravor’s fantastic account revealed to us many things about UFOs and how they work. Coming from a retired US Navy pilot, who knows about aircraft and has no need to peddle conspiracy theories

According to his account, the object hovered just over the water. Then, it climbed vertically, at an incomprehensible speed to a great height: from zero to nearly 120,000 ft., and then it accelerated and vanished. This all happened within 5 minutes, according to Fravor. They tracked this object for as long as they could before it fled.

If you think the account itself is amazing, wait until you find out about the timing.

The Timing Matters

Fravor’s account was in a live interview with CNN. This interview happened only days after the Pentagon had admitted that some research on the possible existence of UFOs had been carried out. Soon enough, a former official for the Pentagon also voiced his belief that we (humans) are not alone.

The timing mattered then, and the timing matters now. Within days of the release of this video, Japan was drafting a UFO protocol. In May, there was news of a new, black hole that exists very close to the Earth.

And all of this comes in the wake of a terrible global pandemic. We are almost forced to wonder which battles we are fighting exactly—and on what fronts.

The timing, we think, is no coincidence.

Extraterrestrial Agendas

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Why is Japan Fortifying its UFO Encounter Defenses after the Pentagon Released Official Videos?

Why is Japan Fortifying its UFO Encounter Defenses after the Pentagon Released Official Videos?

We humans have come a long way since Copernicus, Bruno, and Galileo. Those who held on to the truth despite opposition from strong factions within society were persecuted; some even executed. Some hidden truths, however, eventually prevailed. These days, we are collectively reaping the fruits of their loyalty and devotion to the truth.

Which truths? The fact that humans aren’t the center of the Earth, that everything doesn’t revolve around us, and that we aren’t so alone in the wide universe as we’ve been led to believe.

The Two Greatest Developments of 2020

2020 will live on in the minds of the people as one of the worst years ever: after all, we almost had a nuclear war, suffered several ravaging fires, and a global pandemic. But under the wraps, every so slyly, something else has been brewing as well.

On the 6th of May, astronomers confirmed the discovery of a new black hole in a nearby constellation—the closest to Earth. Merely days earlier, the Pentagon had released official UFO footage.

And if this wasn’t coincidence enough, Japan’s Defense Ministry was drafting a UFO protocol around the same time. It was, they said, in response to the footage released by the U.S.

Why These UFO Protocols are Important

Why These UFO Protocols are Important. Thanks to the whole “Storm Area 51” debacle, we have a pretty good idea that governments do take the threat of extraterrestrial contact seriously.

Thanks to the whole “Storm Area 51” debacle, we have a pretty good idea that governments do take the threat of extraterrestrial contact seriously. However, the development of UFO protocols and the preparation for such encounters, on a state level, are even more significant.

These developments point towards the fact that governments are more vigilant and even less discreet about these endeavors. The Japanese military, they said, have never actually encountered UFOs. But they were drafting a protocol nonetheless.

What This Means for Us

Seekers of hidden truths have long held to the edict that there’s a lot more to life than known on this planet. We have evidence and eye witness accounts of strange encounters with alien beings—the same evidence that was once rebuked by both classified and non-classified scientific and military sources.

However, with the official announcements and developments aforementioned, we now have state-sanctioned evidence. We know that the higher-ups are as concerned about this growing threat, and may have been for years.

And that they should release old footage and make such preparations in 2020—a devastating year—is telling.

Find Out More

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What are Some Major Findings in UFO Research?

UFO Research

If you think UFO sightings are a thing of fiction, think again. These subtle flying saucers are spotted around the world—in fact, one was spotted just a few weeks ago in Cleveland and Detroit. Then there was one seen on March 8th that has already achieved the status of a legend.

In fact, 2020 seems to be quite the hotspot for UFO sightings. Too many of them have been spotted recently—but there’s an explanation for this.

The Virus

Now, of course, we all know that 2020 is the year of the plague. And with the plague have come many deaths and many other issues—but something else has come with it too.

This something else is clear skies and a great reduction in air pollution. Thanks to this, not only are rarely before visible objects—such as the Himalayas—visible, but the skies are also far clearer.

And when the skies are clearer, we can spot UFOs far more easily.

UFO Research

UFO Research

Both classifieds and non-classifieds like to stay silent when it comes to UFO research. They don’t want to admit that there might be other beings out there—more powerful than us. Their justification is that they don’t want to spread paranoia and widespread fear.

But the truth can’t be kept hidden for long. While the state tried hiding that no secret space research was ongoing inside the mysterious Area 51, the truth soon came out. In fact, prior to 2013, the government didn’t even acknowledge it existed. As of 2017, however, they have admitted that they do study UFOs.

Major Findings

Ever since this news became more mainstream, the government has drafted “new guidelines” for the reporting of UFOs. Videos like this one have been released. In short where they haven’t outright admitted anything, they are gradually getting there.

This document details the CIA’s Role in UFO research, and based on this, we can make the following deductions:

  • These “unidentified flying objects” display unusual properties—as in, the laws of physics that they seem to follow are in contradiction with those known to humans.
  • Electromagnetic fields are strong around these objects, so much so that they can cause trouble for avionics.
  • Both classifieds and non-classifieds say that there is no concrete physical evidence that proves the existence of UFOs as alien objects—but hey, these are the same people that lied about Area 51 not existing, and their word is definitely not gospel.

Are They Trying to Hide Something?

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J. Allen Hynek Channeled by Karl Mollison 14March2017

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J. Allen Hynek Channeled by Karl Mollison 17March2017

Dr. Josef Allen Hynek (May 1, 1910 – April 27, 1986) was an American astronomer, professor, and ufologist. He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research. Hynek acted as scientific adviser to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive projects: Project Sign (1947–1949), Project Grudge (1949–1952), and Project Blue Book (1952–1969).

Hynek was born in Chicago to Czech parents. In 1931, Hynek received a B.S. from the University of Chicago. In 1935, he completed his PhD. in astrophysics at Yerkes Observatory. He joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ohio State University in 1936. He specialized in the study of stellar evolution and in the identification of spectroscopic binary stars.

During World War II, Hynek was a civilian scientist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, where he helped to develop the United States Navy’s radio proximity fuse.

After the war, Hynek returned to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ohio State, rising to full professor in 1950. In 1953, Hynek submitted a report on the fluctuations in the brightness and color of starlight and daylight, with an emphasis on daytime observations.

In 1956, he left to join Professor Fred Whipple, the Harvard astronomer, at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, which had combined with the Harvard Observatory at Harvard. Hynek had the assignment of directing the tracking of an American space satellite, a project for the International Geophysical Year in 1956 and thereafter. In addition to over 200 teams of amateur scientists around the world that were part of Operation Moonwatch, there were also 12 photographic Baker-Nunn stations. A special camera was devised for the task and a prototype was built and tested and then stripped apart again when, on Oct. 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched its first satellite, Sputnik 1.

After completing his work on the satellite program, Hynek went back to teaching, taking the position of professor and chairman of the astronomy department at Northwestern University in 1960.

Hynek’s true views on UFOs were still unknown to the public when the astronomer, now teaching at North­western University, first met Jacques Vallee in the fall of 1963. Taking a job as a computer programmer at North­western, Vallee became a close friend of Hynek and soon they formed a UFO discussion group.

The astron­omer would eventually nickname this group “the Invisible College” (Vallee 1996, 270)—a term first used by the Rosicrucians in the early 1600s.

Vallee began prodding Hynek to break with the Air Force and publicly admit that the UFO phenomenon was real and worthy of serious scientific investigation. Project Blue Book’s longtime scientific consultant—still known as a staunch UFO de­bunker—stubbornly resisted this ad­vice (Vallee 1996, 80–94).

In later years he conducted his own independent UFO research, developing the “Close Encounter” classification system.

He is widely considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis both of reports and especially of trace evidence purportedly left by UFOs.