DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsA channeler asks: “If my, and other people’s, channelings are not corrupted, why not? I’m sure I’ve been ‘infected.'”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

You are assuming other people’s channelings are not corrupted when we have cautioned that most, indeed, are corrupted. This includes all the prominent channelers who are widely recognized. It is those who start out in divine alignment who can do valid work, at least for a time until they make a misstep, and then the Extraterrestrial Alliance gets ahold of them and engineers the corruption needed to rein them in. It is easy for them, that is why starting out with divine protection from the outset is the key step needed to have any chance of staying in the arena for any length of time.


Being pure and untarnished from never having committed a transgression, or even having been corrupted and commandeered by spirit attachments or extraterrestrial manipulation are not deal breakers in terms of becoming a valid channeler of the divine. After all, virtually all of humanity is subjugated and all of humanity is subjected to an onslaught of inner corruption through a propaganda campaign done on multiple levels through the human culture and its leadership and institutions on one level, through the media and the implicit messages they convey on a second level, and then through direct mind control manipulation of the deep subconscious imparted subliminally from all communication sources universally on yet another level. And then, some who are high-value targets based on their lineage, having been a prominent lightworker in other lifetimes, for example, will be subjected to special treatment to seek them out and work on programming their deep subconscious directly, to undermine the person from within so they ignore their ambitions and any grand plans made in their preincarnation strategizing, all being done to keep them sidelined, distracted, and diminished.


So those who can become a successful channeler will do so despite all of those manipulations. What is needed is to have a moment of clarity when people do get in touch with their inner divine core for long enough to ask for support and guidance, and that can begin to build a foundation, an island of inner safety they can return to again and again, and from there use that as a springboard for partnership with a divine consciousness they can channel, and if set up with the proper safeguards will be invisible to the interlopers and can become a great resource, not only for them personally but for many, many others who they wish to help through obtaining such guidance. So people are a mixed bag, so to speak; they have good days and bad days, good thoughts and bad thoughts. Because we do not judge and condemn someone who has made many, many mistakes, we will still make every effort to help if they turn to the good, looking for assistance and make a sincere outreach to us.