DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsShe also asks about teaching channeling: “Should I/ could I teach how to do channeling safely, through the ‘Divine Switchboard,’ in ARTICLES or videos? Why not just tell people what to do?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This seems quite logical on its face but it is very analogous to giving the message, “You must believe in the divine and request divine partnership in order to be successful in life and to help keep yourself safe and protected and your loved ones as well. All can be asked for through prayer and will always be heard and answered by the divine.” So to tell people how to channel and stay safe is all well and good. The problem will be many will be unable to follow the simple directions successfully without becoming corrupted—that is because their belief quotient is inadequate. This really needs some very deep introspection and a very serious and thorough treatment with cautions and a very detailed explanation of the pitfalls and the history here with the high level of corruption that has resulted for many, many would-be channelers who are good people and only want something lofty to happen, but yet have been commandeered and are sidelined this day because they were naive and assumed too much about their power to do what they intended. After all, they were intending to create their own reality and were, by and large, following New Age principles and not divine teachings.

Many who read such descriptions from you will leave out the divine part and assume they have the power and authority, as a being of light, to make only good happen because that is their intention and will not realize that, in effect, they are a 98-pound weakling no matter what they might view of themselves through their ego and what they have been told and reassured by many New Age gurus, that they are a wondrous being and can work many miracles if they focus on the positive and ignore negativity in any form, and so on. Those are false notions. They are valid up to a point but will not take you the whole distance without getting into trouble. The problem here is not that people are simply disconnected, and if they work at it long enough and hard enough eventually they will be successful, and then divine beings will be able to reach them. The problem is the Extraterrestrial Alliance is watching the skies and will notice each and every time someone reaches out with their non-local consciousness to follow your instructions. If they are not up to the task of truly installing safety first, most will not be able to do so with the current level of function through much corruption and distortion of the culture, and so on, as poor preparation for undertaking something lofty.

By encouraging many to plunge in, you will be incurring a very significant karmic penalty by leading the lemmings to the edge of a cliff with a well-meaning promise of success, but far too often you will not be able to deliver on that promise through any kind of straightforward description. This is why one on one or teaching in a group setting where you are interacting with them more directly, in a setting where ample time will be devoted to laying a foundation and truly ensuring they are exposed to all of the implications, including the large downside in becoming a channeler without adequate preparation and precautions. This will be a disservice to not do so; when you are engaged with them directly, you can ensure at least they are exposed to the full array of issues, and by example and a thorough accounting of the sources of error and the pitfalls will arm them with at least all they need to know.

You cannot trust they will look thoroughly at something online or will even give it its due. Many will skip over the parts they feel are unnecessary because their ego will tell them they already know what they need to know about their intuitive reach, they just need the magic words to say, and if you provide that without the disclaimers, will do great harm. Your channel takes the precaution of checking with us about every potential candidate who wants to learn channeling. You could do the same in getting a vetting of potential students so you know who you are working with. This could prevent some serious complications, for example, an interloper coming to you under false pretenses or someone who is very corrupted and will not be able to stay within the constraints you teach and will find themselves getting in trouble, and that could draw you into a drama leading to personal corruption of your own energy because they will have created a bridge between you and the interlopers in needing you to sort things out. These are things you do not need when you are on the frontier and standing nearly alone in wanting to promote a valid outreach to the divine and an interchange to help humanity. In a sense, you are at war as a member of humanity because humanity is under siege and being targeted, so a kind of screening process would help to maintain your safety, which is paramount.