DWQA QuestionsCategory: Interdimensional ActivityA client asks: “What do you make of dreams that give us the information we could not have come up with on our own? Scenarios where there is teaching and explaining the workings of our past/present/future, extensions and projections of reality itself? Teaching someone how to have multiple conversations with multiple people (mentally) all at the same time; specific memories of being a Walk-in when I had not heard of the term yet. Memories of Reptilian abduction, when I had not heard of the concept nor seen an image of a Reptilian? Memories of specific names I am asked to repeat over and over again so I will remember the spelling, being taught to read “Hathorian” [whaaat?] writing that emits a frequency, being taught to communicate with the connective environment to make things move, to practice being connected; or learning how to move from one reality to another (I was gone for months in that dream). I guess I could go on with fantastic and astonishing tales, like trying to harness the power of a second sun that (was?) is connected to ours, but before it dimmed…or maybe we did something to make it so…but my question is: all I’ve read tells me my dreams are not important. More like a release, cleansing and refreshing of our mind. I wonder if it’s in my best interest to continue to pay attention and become familiar with navigating this environment, as hopefully someday when I pass, it might help me be more familiar and aware in navigating this environment (seeing without being able to rely on my eyes; memories of past lives in detail)? I used to write down pages of info in the mornings. Then my husband started making me feel frivolous and childish for writing them down, so I’ve kind of stopped writing in great detail. No one around me, for miles, thinks like I do, so I am very alone. All I have as a constant connection to what feels real are my dreams. That’s where I am truly awake and see things as they are. Am I being tricked by interlopers? Dark spirits? Should I put this stuff away?” Will the accounts of her dreams be of value to help understand and illustrate prophecy, and perhaps some unusual phenomena she dreams about?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

She is following her inner guidance quite nicely in recounting and recording her dream material in this way. Hers is a very unusual dream excursion she is recalling. She is gifted with the ability to travel in her dreams to parallel realities and bring back information that can even be of value and insight in her world of today. This is a gift and a blessing both if used wisely. The trick is to pay attention to the broad meaning and potential insight that can be gained and not become too wrapped up in wanting a specific application or reading into what is seen as a portent of immediate events likely to happen in the current lifetime. The mind can journey in this way to many ongoing events, and events of the past and future as well. Sorting things out is more problematical. So it is unwise to draw firm predictions from what is being witnessed. It may be a bygone era for which the information and teachings are in effect obsolete, and not in any way preventable by a living person in a conscious state of being, although one can change the past through dream travel going about it the right way. So this can have many blessings and is only a liability if misused in some way to cause fear or uncertainty or even personal attacks against her, believing she is not only misguided but perhaps mentally unstable in some way and someone to be feared accordingly. There are many things she witnesses in this way that would be learning opportunities and these can be probed from using her accounts and channeling us for guidance.