DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsA client experiencing pain being created by outside energetic manipulation referred to similar technology described in a book. This work describes many clandestine government, intelligence agency, and military projects concerning mind control and other mischief, some of which is treated superficially, and some in great detail. The case is made strongly that any reference to extraterrestrial or spirit involvement is a disinformation campaign to cover up what people in our own government are doing. This, to me, seems like disinformation, as does the entire whistleblowing exercise here, whose total emphasis is on human organizations and technology. What is the best way to characterize the work of this author and the “Group” he refers to?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

These are all individuals who are under manipulation by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to bring forward descriptions of many phenomena being experienced by people around the world and to indict human clandestine work as the origin. This, at once, deflects attention away from the true perpetrators which are the dark spirits and the extraterrestrials using advanced technology and mind control manipulation to have humans do their bidding, and create many types of mischief, and direct corruption and subjugation of people. This is entirely a disinformation campaign to, again, blame human beings for the state of the world and the many sources of conflict and manipulation taking place at all levels—some with government knowledge and support, and some with direct involvement unmistakably.

It is very much the case that the world governments, their intelligence agencies, and military organizations are involved in many nefarious activities to further political interests and defense and offense strategies for the selfish interests of the nation states themselves, but these activities were facilitated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, by teaching humans how to be devious and manipulative, including the transfer of some technological capabilities into human hands so they could further harm one another. This maintains the disguise of the hidden hand behind the world’s suffering, so all of this body of work is focused towards that end—to malign humans and to maintain the secrecy of extraterrestrial and dark spirit collusion in fomenting terror and suffering around the world.