DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsA client sent an article stating a set of adult identical twins recently submitted their DNA samples to five different commercial services for ancestral DNA analysis to learn about their genealogies. No two companies gave the same overall profile for either twin alone, which they explained may have been caused by using different reference panels of subjects with validated ethnicities, and differing proprietary algorithms for assigning membership to a regional grouping. But more surprisingly, all companies found differences in ancestry between the twins compared to one another. Assuming this is not just due to technical errors, what is the explanation for these twins having different DNA?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

As you suspected, this is a combination of factors, some human error differences within the standard pool of control subjects used to assign the ethnicity relationships to regions of the planet. All such work is referential, meaning that it has to be compared to not a single individual as a gold standard, so to speak, but a group of such individuals because of the many variations within the genome that accumulate over time, including random changes that influence things. In addition, as you know, there is much variation in the genome that is entirely unnatural in the sense of tracing to any particular aspect of ancestry, but rather to extraterrestrial manipulation of individuals. These changes do persist within the bloodline and are carried forward to subsequent generations and they enter the pool.

If the only criterion for sorting people is based on their region where they live, the history that their genome represents will be a false representation with regard to those externally manipulated changes, which have nothing to do with territory or geography, but are simply part of the genetics program of the alien Greys to manipulate humans to see what will happen, and then make further modifications accordingly. This is done all across the globe, not based on geographical considerations or ethnicity considerations, but based on tracing and following humans from lifetime to lifetime, and often to engineer pairings to produce offspring of their own choosing with respect to parentage. This takes place in a covert fashion without conscious awareness of those being manipulated. It is done during the night interval and people are placed under a kind of mind lock, blocking their awareness and the interference with retaining memories of the manipulations and the encounters themselves, so this is one aspect of contamination in the attempt to streamline the genealogical analysis.

The disparity between the genomes of the identical twins is more puzzling to be sure because one would expect identical twins arising from the same gametes would produce offspring with an identical genome. This, however, is not as straightforward as science would expect. This is being appreciated more and more with detailed analysis of the personal genomes of many individuals, some closely related. These differences are commonplace, and you have seen also the growing awareness that there is heterogeneity of gene sequences within the same individual and the cellular makeup of their own body. So if you sample DNA from certain cells, it will not match the DNA in other cells from the same person with respect to every detail in the sequence. So this is yet another source of variability that is not fully appreciated as yet by those who use genetic tools for making comparisons, especially those involved in commercial enterprises and not doing the deep, cutting edge science on the frontier where this is an emerging area of focus for researchers.

The other thing about the difference between these two identical twins is that the DNA has been modified by divine realm in order to allow the karmic expression of prior history to play out within the lifespan of the respective individuals, according to what was created energetically in other existences with other incarnations, creating a karmic predisposition to have certain characteristics, certain types of soul expression, and certain types of vulnerabilities as well as a karmic setup. This is frequently the case because 94% of all physical illness arises through karma and some of the maladies that are exhibited are dependent on having a certain genetic predisposition favoring their emergence, a kind of inner weakness that may well blossom into a full-blown diagnosable illness that becomes chronic and may be life-shortening as well. This is another way you can see that the world is not random nor following strictly physical principles of energy at a very ordinary visible level. When things arise that are unexpected and unexplainable by the current scientific perspectives, one needs to look elsewhere, and usually what is left out is the influence of the divine realm on the physical realm. As you know, we can have a profound effect on people with respect to modifying their DNA and its expression and many other aspects of their makeup—their thoughts, their feelings, their actions, their beliefs, and their ability to express their soul in the highest and best way for them as individuals.

Many times the conformity you see exhibited in most settings within society is a default mode that people choose through fear or acquiescence in wanting to avoid friction or conflict, so they give up and give in to peer pressure, to the subjugation and manipulation of those with more power wanting them to do certain things and act in certain ways. This is learned all the way along in life, especially via the school system. Once the parents hand them over to the larger world of influences, they will be met all lifelong with overseers who have expectations and will judge and criticize them when they stray from the expected norms of conduct. Those people who choose to fit in, and are capable of doing so, will suppress many spontaneous indications of their uniqueness in order to blend in and not make waves, so to speak. This always takes a toll, especially on happiness—and what is life for if not to be as happy as one can and to thrive by being excited about life and working in harmony with one’s inner passions to make things happen and be a part of things, and to grow and learn and prosper on all levels?

The individual characteristics are more prominent than those on display for the most part because of this cultural conditioning and much of that is predetermined via the DNA complement that gives rise to certain tendencies and characteristics within the makeup of the person on multiple levels, including the mind and emotions. The major influence, of course, is the consciousness as a projection of their soul, which exists outside the physical body, and is simply received and displayed within the mind in the brain of the person currently in physical form as an extension of a portion of their soul makeup, but the body must have the right wherewithal, the complement of chemistry, architecture, and genetic complement to perform at a level commensurate with the desire of the soul to expand and grow and express itself. These are the attributes that distinguish the artist from the non-artist, and the thinker from the more complacent and oblivious who simply want to sit back and relax and not question things, and are not keenly interested in learning, but have other enjoyments and amusements not so dependent on thinking deeply. The wide array of human endeavors is a testament to the variety of soul expression that is possible. This is not all reflected in the DNA but is only partial. But this is why no two people will ever be truly identical because there are many layers of oversight and control that will govern whether genes that are present are even expressed, and to what degree. These are additional variables that are seen from person to person and add to the mix of influences to create unique combinations of intellect, behavior, and emotional expression.