DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWould it help the consequences of cellular memory in our clients if we add a request to have this attended to within our Lightworker Healing Protocol, or will that be done as a matter of course falling under the broad healing requests it contains?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This would be very useful to add as a specific request to be attended to by the divine realm as part of the healing, and the reason is that cellular memory being retained by the person’s own physical body and the consciousness within their cellular makeup essentially constitutes free will and free agency in action. Having been wounded and receiving the negative insult of a karmic assault of some kind, or other sources of trauma inflicted by another consciousness perhaps, the cells will take this seriously, and will begin to re-engineer themselves after a time to maintain the symptoms of discord and injury if the mind continues to support this with its expectations and conscious oversight and worry about what is taking place. Because this becomes self-generated, it is difficult for the divine realm to go in and even overrule what the cells of the body might be choosing to do. But this is an aspect of consciousness, and that is the high‑level function that constitutes the exercise of free will and free agency to begin with—the enabling of the departure from what was going on before. And so it would be of great help in dealing with this very common leftover phenomenon and source of symptoms that persist, even following high-level Protocol work, to make a direct request for the divine realm to override and heal all manifestations of cellular memory associated with prior maladies, and to restore cells involved to a state of natural balance, and that will do the job nicely—it will give the divine realm the permission on behalf of the client to override the conscious will that is acting in an abhorrent fashion, and that permission to do so will allow the divine realm to be more effective in tidying up after healing work is completed.