DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA client writes: “There is a bounty on my life substantial enough to turn the head of every lowlife in town. I’m being followed, tracked, and can’t even trust my own phone. How can I rebalance the karma causing this problem in the way that is best for my child?”
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

You have already requested and are receiving the very best solution there is and that is divine healing. That is not to say it is perfect or an instant cure for this or any other problem, but life being quite real with quite real consequences and many things that happen cannot be readily undone, a divine answer cannot be guaranteed to happen quickly or even within the course of a given lifetime. When there are serious backdrops of karmic involvement predisposing someone in the current life to have major difficulties, to unravel it all and heal it all when others are involved as well who may have very dark backgrounds that trace across multiple lifetimes, the healing endeavor may not be completed within the span of the current life to fully resolve a complicated interplay that sets dark things in motion.

We are just being honest with you here so you fully understand that while miracles are always possible, many times they are not for particular circumstances that arise. This can be for a host of reasons. It might not be that the deck is stacked too heavily against the victim but that the perpetrators causing harm are so heavily corrupted, undoing their dilemma is what takes so long. All involved in this kind of interaction have the blessing of free agency and free will to do whatever they choose. Typically, it is the Law of Karma that eventually rebalances things and that can take more than one lifetime. This is little satisfaction for someone in your situation, for example, who needs relief and safety now. While we understand that and appreciate the suffering of many in your shoes, we still must follow the rules of engagement about not interfering with human choices nor leading people unduly by telling them what to do. This complicates things greatly when you are seeking answers and want a practical solution, understandably, and soon. So we repeat our initial comments, that you have done the very best thing by seeking divine assistance, and to do so through the Lightworker Healing Protocol because it will work on the karmic entanglement here with your pursuers and will eventually calm the storm and lead to a rebalancing of energies where you can be safe again.

We cannot give you a timeline for this so you can know when you will be safe and, in the meantime, prudence is called for to take whatever precautions you deem necessary for your safety. In most cases we cannot simply jump in and prevent perpetrators from carrying out harmful deeds directly—that is what the Law of Karma is in place for, to at least provide disincentives and a final reckoning so that all receive a lesson and those harmed are raised up to be back in a more normal alignment. There are deep karmic issues here at work, both your own karma and the karma of those you have become involved with, so restoring things will not be swift and certain. It is a feature of the Protocol that divine safety and protection are requested for all parties and this we will implement on behalf of you and your family members, but please understand this cannot be guaranteed. Many times we are able to achieve this in difficult situations working behind the scenes to influence things, at least enough to have those of secondary involvement less likely to be drawn into the vortex and harmed when there is an ongoing dispute of some kind, but this cannot be made certain.

People can decide to take matters into their own hands when it comes to seeking vengeance and retribution or even a calculated act of violence simply for money and no other personal agenda. In every situation there are many factors involved, whether there is a heartfelt request for assistance and whether this is from someone who has a high level of belief in the divine as well as a high level of belief in their own worthiness to receive divine support, and from there the considerations of the nature of the difficulty from a karmic standpoint come into play—whether there is a compelling need to allow things to play out as a life lesson. Even if there is severe suffering or death, many times that must be allowed to happen because of the energetics involved in what has set things in motion. When people are seeking divine assistance in earnest it is more likely we can supply divine grace to forestall a dark outcome and rein in the players and their actions enough to prevent a tragedy.

In your case, your channel as well has requested this for you and that is factored in as well in how we are responding to help make things better here. Because the situation is in flux, we cannot guarantee our success in forestalling things but are working behind the scenes to make this so.