DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA client writes, “When my kundalini exploded 11 years ago, I was told by a psychic that it’s not going through the right channel, the one it should go through, but through the one to the side.” Is this correct, and if so, what are the implications for him, and what can we do to help the situation?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This was an accurate perception of an abnormal energy flow but not elucidating the true cause. This alteration of energy flow was the consequence of having spirit meddler attachments in the chakra system, and this was perturbing the flow of energy, and this has been resolved with the removal of spirit attachments that has been accomplished. So the functioning of the chakras has been fully restored and brought into balance and, as long as this is maintained, there will be no further problems in this respect.