DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA client writes: “I’ve been having crazy, sometimes really disturbing dreams on a frequent basis. I often feel out of sync for no reason that I can tell and my normally upbeat approach to life is lacking. My creativity is being challenged, my jewelry studio used to bring me satisfaction, now I’m unmotivated to begin a project, I’m concerned I’m losing interest in my craft. I’m really feeling unsettled and that makes me uncomfortable.” What is behind these disturbing changes?
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

All of these symptoms are related to the presence of spirit meddler attachments that have wormed their way in, so to speak, and are undermining you severely. This they do as a routine to drag down their host, stir up inner discord, dissatisfaction with life, and suffering in as many ways as possible. This creates much negative energy they can harvest to use for selfish purposes and is their agenda. The clearing you have now received will help greatly here to reverse the trend and bring back a renewed inner strength and a raising of the vibration that will serve you going forward.