DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)A former member of the MAP asks: “If I’m unable to make the most of this life and soul mission, will my soul “choose” to incarnate into many negative lifetimes and how would that possibly improve my karma?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

You need not fear your soul will choose lives of greater difficulty and certainly not a worsening of things that would lead you astray. Everyone in the physical is at risk and that will continue to be so for a time yet, but when things turn the corner, you will be in a much better environment and will continue to be on the mend, so to speak, and proceeding nicely with your restoration and a further growth through healing. Your future will be much, much, better than your past and that is because you are doing all the right things now, to ask for assistance and to be focused on making progress even though doubts and fears creep in. That is not a reason to worry, it is a reaction to the inner fears you hold and to the continued attempts to harass you that happen on occasion through a subliminal messaging. It is no different than anyone who has been bullied, being visited by the bully and being menaced. The objective here is simply to keep all that at arm’s length to allow your healing to continue and to regain stability and calm within over time. This the healing is working towards and it will help to ease your mind about the future as well. It will be easier to envision a much better future when you are feeling calmer and more optimistic. So we are simply reassuring you this is where you are heading and you need not fear what is coming. Things will work out well for you and your healing objectives will be reached successfully. It will continue to take time, but is well worth the effort and is really the only choice that makes sense, for you to have well-being and happiness. This is what we wish for you and is well deserved. Our love for you has never wavered.