DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindA practitioner asks: “Considering the level of protection I have from my own requests and others within the GetWisdom team, I came to the conclusion that my higher self might/must have blocked prayer, protection, and healing work in order for me to get to this stage as I have neglected all my prayer and Lightworker Healing Protocol work in the last few months. I got bogged down in the trivia and extreme business of life and started forgetting what I came here to do. My conclusion is I went off track and needed this as a reminder. Now I find myself on sick leave with no obligations and just enough energy to pray (haven’t done an LHP yet, I don’t have the focus). Am I right in this assumption or have I just had another Bi-Polar episode, the likes of which I experienced in 2000, 2003, 2016, and now 2020?”
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

We would not characterize things this way. The problem is not coming from the higher self in constraining you. The problem is coming from your deep subconscious. It is simply being more upset about the difficulties you face in the world and is getting somewhat overwhelmed. The answer here is not to stop prayer and healing, but to continue doing prayer and healing work, as that will help you maintain your equilibrium and deal with the inner stresses of your day-to-day life as well as the stress of having an awareness of how deep the world’s problems are and what is at stake in taking this on.

Remember always, we are by your side and we are here to help. When you ask this of us, we will do the best we can to bring healing to bear on whatever might be needed. As with almost all human beings, you have a long dark karmic history needing repair. This will take time. The more intention you put behind raising yourself up through healing everything that matters, the better you will do and the easier things will get. In the meantime, there will be ups and downs as you have experienced, but we can tell you that when you are having a seeming setback it is not because things are going to collapse and fail, it is because you are truly doing very serious work and bumping into very serious issues and needs at this particular stage in your healing, which is ongoing. So it is not unexpected that you will have greater emotional sensitivity and inner turmoil and may well feel depressed for a while because there is so much coming into your deep awareness as things are processed with healing underway.

When things improve, and they will, you can know that it is because many dark things have been faced directly, taken on, and reckoned with in a fashion that will bring true healing of a permanent sort. You are not revisiting the same intractable problem when things take a downward turn. It is happening because there are a succession of issues waiting in the wings, so to speak, that must be reckoned with because they are compelling karmic events that need to be addressed to rebalance things, and this you are doing and in a highly effective way given the divine support you are bringing to bear.

We understand when there are unpleasant feelings, things look dark and feel dark, but this is only temporary. You will get through it and things will be improving once again. The key is to keep going and learn to take these things in stride and not over-interpret their meaning so as to become fatalistic—that will not serve you and is a false assessment to begin with. You are equal to the task. You are truly special and have special gifts and this will see you through.