DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA practitioner asks: “Could it be that the “current rules of engagement” and/or the “Law of Cause and Effect” are malleable? Meaning: (a) Able to adjust to changing circumstances; adaptable—a malleable leader unafraid to compromise. (b) Capable of being changed or adjusted to meet particular or varied needs.” I assume the practitioners want to request these factors be malleable according to the desired outcomes they would like to see for the targets of their healing sessions with the Lightworker Healing Protocol. What can we share with the practitioners?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

What we would say as a general response to this inquiry is that the Law of Karma and the choices of the divine to intervene or not, and to what extent and how, when, and where, are already quite variable and represent a malleable process of sifting, sorting, integrating, assessing, and directing energy according to what is deemed most appropriate that will be highest and best for those individual consciousnesses who will be affected by an intervention. There is not one ruling cast in stone that applies to all in any category of divine interplay in the physical realm; there are many nuances, many shades of meaning and interpretation. The Law of Karma is exquisitely sensitive to all the details and the interplay of energies, all the underpinnings in the makeup of the parties involved in a situation, and the consequences of what happens that creates a karmic event that retains an energetic signature needing to be addressed in some way to right a wrong. No two situations are identical; in fact, that is the degree of flexibility in the system.

So without further definition about what the concern is here, we cannot be more detailed in giving a reply, but on its face, this is more a complaint than justified by the way the universe works. No one likes punishment; no one likes pain and suffering; no one likes embarrassment, inconvenience, or burdens of any kind. Yet this is often a quite appropriate consequence for making a misstep and overlooking a responsibility, as happens because people are imperfect. There needs to be a way to seek redress when harm has happened, even neglect of the self because that is every bit as important as harming another. The system does this quite precisely. It is not to everyone’s liking in the individual circumstances and outcomes, but keep in mind that humans are not in a position to see the whole picture and all of the factors and potential consequences of what is unfolding. That, too, is unfortunate but it suggests that there is a need for trust in us, that the system exists for your benefit, and will give you equal and fair treatment as is true for everyone.

There are no shortcuts in dealing with the Law of Karma except for the possibility of divine grace being bestowed to truncate a karmic lesson underway, to reduce its severity and shorten the duration, but this will happen only when lessons are learned and people are able to make an intelligent, informed request as is true of the LHP practitioners in what they are doing, although they themselves are often in the dark about their clients’ issues and the underlying causes and entanglements, so will not usually be in any position to evaluate what is taking place and why, and be able to render a judgment about the appropriateness of the karmic consequences underway. This is simply a consequence of the state of human ignorance you suffer.

We understand the desire to see if there is a work-around that can be requested to soften things in the favor of those requesting relief. Whether that can be allowed will have already been determined, in effect, by the actions of the clients receiving the healing themselves, as well as the practitioners and their worthiness to be heard by the divine realm as an advocate for their clients. If those involved have paid their dues, so to speak, and are standing strong and in enough divine alignment that the karmic lessons have been learned and there are sufficient belief quotients in the self and then in the divine, there may well be a divine blessing to hasten the resolution of a dilemma. But in many cases, there will need to be a much more prolonged consequence and the clients’ issues might well remain in place for a good long while despite the best efforts of the practitioners. This is simply a fact of life you must live with until the problems are solved.