DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “Has Creator been asked regarding requesting the added assistance of high-level light beings wishing to assist and add their collective strength to empower and strengthen overall belief quotient and removal of doubts to each individual LHP practitioner session as well as the collective of LHP practitioner sessions? Could this be another way to untie hands which are available and ready to assist without violating free will principles?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This can add further benefit. When you are working from the Protocol, you are reaching to the light for answers—especially healing help. How that is bestowed is up to the discretion of the divine realm as to who and where help is given and in what fashion. In a sense, you are asking for greater assistance and this can allow a greater response in kind. This is why advice has often been given to not restrict prayer to a single divine source, be it an archangel or a divine representative like Jesus Christ or Mohammed, but to include Creator in the operation as well. That intention gives greater flexibility of the divine to respond and will open up possibilities.

So in the same way as you can request the volunteering of divine intention by the members of divine realm, you can also ask for their direct assistance in the endeavor to help facilitate the healing across the board. This potentially will augment all subsequent sessions of healing to include a greater variety and number of participants in seeing to the details and the complexity of the healing outreach as a whole, which is truly vast and complex in the potential reach when you factor in the Quantum Healing work and the Soul Matrix Healing work involving a huge array of influencers across many time domains, for all of the interactions that can potentially be a factor in shaping a person’s dilemma.

That vast undertaking can be aided when more healers are pressed into duty, so in addition to adding their power of intention to each session, inviting their participation as embodied beings, if only energetic, this will add further to the reach of the session, and its beneficial influence, and will speed the healing progress of humanity as a whole.