DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “Human-Centric Healing – are our Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions optimized with respect to healing our perpetrators? Humans are the weak link in terms of frequency of LHP repetitions. Currently, when humans are designated as the primary clients, the first sub-group, the starting point for the initial LHP, and presumably subsequent repetitions, and healing spreads outward from there, are the ET Interlopers being limited o equal repetitions? The ET Interlopers are more robust than humans and as such can tolerate more frequent applications of the LHP than humans. If the ET Interlopers were the primary targets, could the LHP repetition frequency be increased, the Dark Spirit Meddlers be rounded up even faster, and the ET Alliance healed more quickly?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

The question contains a false assumption that the divine realm will be limited by the sequence dictated in the Protocol, and thus it might limit what takes place. In actuality, the Protocol is looked at as a whole, and then divided into logical steps carried out by a team of healers, in many instances, each with a particular component to attend to. And, in actuality, the different classes of target subjects will be handled in sessions of their own. So if such a difference pertains to the frequency with which repetitions can be done on humans, and this differs in the case of extraterrestrials, this will not matter because each group will have its own coordination by healers to address their individual needs, and they will be carried out separately in any case. So there could well be more frequent sessions done for one category of recipients than another. There is much individual detailed work done as well.


So, many different scenarios are playing out as a result of a single Lightworker Healing Protocol session, because what happens then for all the different types of clients the Protocol can reach, will vary, and the only variation is the prioritization established by the practitioner wanting a preferred client or group of clients given attention first. In actuality, the lag is minimal—if one is at the beginning of the list and another far down the list, for example, there is little practical difference here. But the prioritization contributes more than just when the divine might start work on a particular target. Also, the practitioner’s reasons to prioritize work on a particular client, such as being close to them, or a member of their family, or a paying client in the case of doing work for hire, that will not matter. The main advantage of designating people, singling them out by name or class of individuals, is that it will impart somewhat greater intention for them to receive the utmost in care and consideration. It is not that the divine will flag and lose steam, so to speak, and give lesser attention and effectiveness to those things further down on the list. That simply will not happen. It is that the divine realm is quite scrupulous in honoring human intention, so any difference on the part of the practitioner will play out in how and when the divine goes to work and with what degree of intensity and focus. It uses human attention as the fuel, after all, so that will always be a part of the mix in how things are carried out.


The very best thing the practitioner can do when there is a strong desire for a particular target to get the utmost care and attention, is to hold it in one’s thoughts lovingly. That extra intention will add to what the divine can do in helping that individual or group. So the Protocol does not need to be modified in any way to reprioritize the listing based on the perceived urgency of taking care of the interlopers first and foremost because of the practical necessity, as they are in control of humanity and have dark plans in the making. If a practitioner wants to make them the first on the list and target them as the high-value personal clients of greatest interest, by all means they can do so, and this will confer the same benefits in adding extra intention for the healing sessions done for the extraterrestrials compared to other beings on the list. But this will not be a large difference, as all clients will benefit from the strength of the intention. Once it is created, it can be repurposed and applied to the entirety of the Protocol. So it is of value to have something one truly cares about being a part of the session. That intention can be repurposed for everything on the list, not only the target recipients, but the lengthy list of procedures to be done. All elements of the Protocol will benefit from the extra intention created at the outset by the practitioner in considering how one is going to address an area of great personal concern, and that will be a rewarding experience, and their perception of doing something of special importance and interest to them will marshal greater energy from within and this will be noticed and utilized across the board by the divine realm.