DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “Would it be advantageous if we stated Desired Outcomes rather than primary clients and targets, and word the Lightworker Healing Protocol to leave the clients/targets sequencing, prioritization, depth and breadth of scope totally up to the Divine by making the goal: shift future potential for Humanity toward a positive outcome and away from annihilation; help humans reject the ET Alliance’s Trojan Horse Disclosure Movement; help the ET Interlopers abandon their annihilation plan? I would be willing to dedicate the majority of my LHP efforts to targeting the ET Alliance exclusively as primary clients/targets and/or to Desired Outcomes if this is confirmed to be advantageous.”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is a well-intentioned question and objective, but again, is unnecessary. The divine realm knows full well what all the plans are. If the practitioner is aware there are dark designs on humanity that is all that needs to happen, because the intention to do healing will be arising from the realization that these beings are in desperate need of healing and that it will matter to humanity if it takes place. The specifics as to whether a particular individual, and what is most urgent for them, relates to the actual annihilation or one of the other strategies, such as disclosure, will end up constraining things as much as focusing them on a desirable endpoint. There are many things going on at the moment that contribute greatly to human suffering, that in a general way might be part of the buildup to the annihilation, but specifying annihilation may shift the priorities in ways unintended by the human practitioner. It is focusing on the endpoint and it is vague then as to what can be given attention in the interim, when in fact there are many, many, needs, all of which are worthy, and all of which are indirectly related to the consequences of interlopers being in your midst.


We do have the big picture in mind and can be relied on for that kind of prioritization. It does not have to be made explicit. There are many disinformation campaigns in addition to the Disclosure movement, all of which have some impact on things and are deserving of attention. So it is unwise for humans to assume they know enough about the key objectives to prioritize them by name, and assume you have an ideal sequence and agenda to make the most effective intervention to turn things around. The divine may have some very sophisticated strategies they can utilize in working behind the scenes on things that are indirectly related and not directly related at all, but knowing that will begin to soften things up and allow a subsequent manipulation to be effective that is more directly related to the annihilation plans but would not be feasible to do without that softening up with a more indirect and more unrelated situation being addressed. So we are saying you can trust us to handle this in the highest and best way and we will do our part if you do yours, by making the requests of the Protocol and trusting the divine to implement it effectively.