DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “I began to discover some of these entities I had picked up through a practice developed by a Buddhist nun in her book. It was enlightening to work with them using the Lightworker Healing Protocol but much better to feel them energetically lifted. I felt them meddling before the session and worked with them prior to the session. At first, I thought perhaps you did the session in segments, but now I’m realizing they knew what was coming so were struggling to hold on? Is that correct?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Indeed, onboard spirits will know your thoughts and this is one of the interesting aspects of obtaining help with Remote Spirit Releasement, they may engineer a backlash to discourage their host from proceeding when there are thoughts and discussions with a practitioner, for example, about carrying out a spirit removal. Some may even duck out so as to not be present when the removal is conducted, only to return subsequently. This is why a very thorough and careful process is needed to deal with all kinds of potential circumstances here. The Lightworker Healing Protocol has many built-in safeguards and provisions that anticipate spirit meddler behavior and counterstrategies, so you need not worry about such loose ends, as they are provided for. Any dark influence can be traced, identified, and dealt with if it has a history of interacting with the client, and they will not be missed even if they are laying low within the client’s energy and not pursuing creation of symptoms actively during a spirit removal effort by the divine realm following the Protocol requests.