DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmA practitioner asks: “I had an unusual experience when doing the LHP recently. I had taken a hiatus from doing it and was five seconds into it when a bolt of lightning lit up the room followed by a thunder crash and two things happened as follows: the printer beside me began clicking and the printer heads moved back and forth as they might do when I insert a new cartridge. Then a message appeared on the printer-screen which asked me if I wanted to align the printer cartridge. Also, when I checked the adjoining room, I discovered that a radiator had been lifted off one of its supporting hinges was hanging at an angle from the remaining one? It was the only lightning strike in my area that day. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I find that the printer asking me about “Alignment” was a bit weird but interesting given our work on alignment with divine. What was going on, a message from divine realm or some other realm or possibly just a coincidence?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This indeed is an interesting juxtaposition. This occurred for other reasons. It was not an attack on you, but a normal earthly discharge of energy. The close proximity enabled the divine realm to add on a message to you because of the suitability of an electrical disturbance that could preserve the uncertainty as to the reason for the unusual behavior of the printer, but in particular, the juxtaposition of a striking event many have seen through the ages as a message from on high. While this was often interpreted as punishment, it is certainly something that gets one’s attention because of the sheer magnitude and impact of a lightning strike close by. And so, we were simply using this juxtaposition to, essentially, send a message of appreciation in honoring you and what you do to help yourself and many, many, others with your use of the Lightworker Healing Protocol. It is through your work and the work of others banded together that will shift the energies enough to save humanity if you keep going. So that was the broad meaning here, that everything you are involved with and have been told about the Protocol and its need, is real, and a quite serious undertaking. So we were honoring your commitment and participation in this endeavor because it is truly those who are special who find their way to the higher level of understanding needed to see and embrace the wisdom the Protocol represents.