DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA practitioner asks: “If code words can be used to represent and request prayers, including simple prayers as well as “Mega Prayers,” then does it not stand to reason that the Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions, which are supposedly ‘higher prayer requests’ also could be coded?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is a logical extension of the practice we have sanctioned of giving a code to a list of requests to simplify and streamline their implementation as a formal prayer in order to spare humans needless busy work—the many repetitions of thought that could mount over time. And we have pointed out before that the divine human is far greater than beings who need to do repetitive tasks to make their wishes known and receive divine help for their efforts.

On the other hand, there needs to be a sincere intention involved with the undertaking. This can be maintained in the construction of even a complex Mega Prayer which is then given a code word representing it, but to do so for the very long and extensive Lightworker Healing Protocol series of requests, with their many intricacies, is reaching further than is advisable. This is because there are so many parts to the Protocol, so many differing segments and categories, that it is best to restate these in the context of application to a specific client or group of clients. This puts a different intention in play when you know you are working with someone who has a particular issue or set of concerns. When you reach the section of the Protocol that most applies to their need, the level of intention will naturally be increased, more focused, more intense, and with a greater desire than average for its successful execution to impart the most thorough and successful implementation possible. This is difficult to do with a routine generic exercise of giving wordings in the abstract and summoning intention from within based on their meaning, and then expecting this to apply for all situations going forward into the future.

People change and people grow over time as wisdom increases with age, as the level of caring and sensitivity to the plight of others, the feelings of compassion, grow stronger through more life experience. People are shaped by all of these influences and their underlying emotions will reflect this, so no two Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions are ever exactly alike with regard to the level of intention launched along with the session itself. For many tasks, only the minimum level of intention is required, but there are many needs people have routinely because of their extensive trauma histories that require quite extensive ongoing treatment, and it will be only the repetition that gets the job done or even approaches getting the job done.

If the session launched on their behalf is a relatively weak one because it is requested routinely with a code word done from a reading through of the Protocol on its own with no other purpose than to have it on record for future use, the level of intention will not be quite the same as when someone receives a plea for help and then sits down to help that individual with the Protocol work. It is for this reason we would not encourage having this all-important Protocol, with everything that is hanging on this and depending on it, be solely restricted to one exercising of those muscles done in the abstract and often at a beginning point in the person’s work when they are the least familiar with the purpose for all of the steps, and have perhaps minimal experience doing work of this kind in service to others, and will not have the confidence level let alone the depth of understanding and compassionate intensity they could muster from being in the trenches for a significant period of time—that will happen if the person is serious about the work and continues doing Protocol sessions on behalf of others.

So to start out early along and make this a very routine generic recitation of but a code word, may undercut the level of effectiveness they could see grow over time by having themselves more involved directly with the launching of each session. So we think there needs to be a happy medium where simple prayers can be rounded up together and launched as a group with a code word, and even a Mega Prayer focused on a particular objective but having all the bells and whistles to ask for repetition, various empowering enhancements, and all the layers of refinement for protection, and so on, is still a fine idea because it will make feasible the launching of such a prayer when, in fact, relatively few people would take the time to go through a long list of boilerplate instructions, even for a single such prayer, let alone perhaps a set of these.

That is why we condone the use of code words—to encourage people to make the effort. It is not that the code word is inferior, it is that the code word is not superior, and will represent the exact intention of the creation point in time with whatever mood the individual was in, the level of their understanding of the universe, the task at hand, the level of belief they bring to the enterprise, and their own personal belief in themselves and their ability to be a facilitator of profound healing—all of those elements will be in the mix and will not be fully appreciated by the person setting out to do the task. That is why it is useful to understand the dynamics here and appreciate there is a difference between making a straightforward simple request for a few things to be done, and a very detailed comprehensive list of things, many of which are quite profound in the demands they represent on the divine realm, so the level of intention and the belief quotient, and so forth, must meet a higher standard for those more comprehensive groups of requests.