DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerAnother practitioner suggestion was: “To dedicate a whole Lightworker Healing Protocol for that purpose, code it, and then right after each Lightworker Healing Protocol session, say the dedicated code word for however long one feels, to keep it going, to multiply it.” Will that be effective and obtain more healing help?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Their intention will be honored to the extent that they will be reiterating a code word over, and over, and over. That itself represents an imperfect level of intention and preparation as might happen more likely with someone new to the enterprise. It will tend to short-circuit the intention to get profound end results and short-circuit the opportunity for the practitioner to grow by doing and taking the time to work with the detailed wording so that it is absorbed more fully into the awareness and the memory, and will give rise to even new thoughts and new feelings and emotions about the implications, and then the opportunity to have in the mix the feelings about the intended target, and the special applicability of certain aspects to a particular circumstance, and so forth. That richness of experience will be short-circuited by having a facile means to avoid doing extra work. So there is a trade-off here always.

To add many repetitions of a weak request is no better than one carefully launched Protocol session with a strong desire for its success that then will automatically be done by the divine realm. So if you want to add more power to those repetitions, the best way to do it would be to do further full-length Protocol sessions, as originally designed, to go through all the steps using the audio prompt recording, or reading the Protocol to oneself, to stay focused and on track, and having a sincere involvement with the undertaking. That will always give you the fullest possible infusion of empowering intention. So humans do have the latitude to determine how and what they do in all respects, so you can choose to do work of greatness, you can choose to do work of a routine ordinariness, and you can choose to do work that is mediocre.

We cannot speak in general in a way to fit all potential practitioners in all circumstances. All we can do is describe the variety of potential circumstances and outcomes and let people judge for themselves as best they can where they might fit, and what it is they want to do, and what it is they want to avoid because of its inconvenience, and whether this is appropriate truly, to the goal of bringing effective life-changing healing for someone.